Birthday thoughts. Aging and living…

It’s my birthday today and funny enough, I came across a fun picture of an old lady who obviously loves to have fun and doesn’t care what people think of her. I have kept that picture for a while and it just called for me to paint her… and so I did. It made me think of growing older, what it means and what I have been doing lately. I can honestly say that as I get older, I am more confident, I am learning to love myself and not rely on the opinions of others to feel good about myself. I paired this quote with this painting as a reminder to live the rest of my life to its fullest! Who cares what others think? As long as I LIKE IT!


2 thoughts on “Birthday thoughts. Aging and living…

  1. sparrowfootstamps says:

    I love this one! The way you created her older face is perfect and the eyes just barely visible behind those fabulous glasses! The coat was done so nicely, you can tell how fluffy it is! I bet she would be great to know!


    • tlow1260 says:

      Thanks:) I think she is a hoot and I would have loved to hang out with her too! In fact, I aspire to be her! I had a lot of fun painting this. Thanks for observing all the details:)


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