United in tears…

Friday nov 13, 2015. I remember having a very busy day in the office and overheard my colleagues talking about how many people were killed in Paris. As time goes on, the story became more and more horrific, with more casualties. Paris is near and dear to me as I have travelled to Paris many times and have good friends living in France. Luckily, all my friends are fine but shaken by the events. It saddens me at the thought of the innocent lives lost and the grieving hearts of many. What kind of a world do we live in where there is a possibility of a terrorist attack anywhere you go? What do we do in the face of these horrible acts? Retaliate with more hatred? Don’t do anything? What is the right thing to do? One thing is clear to me, … During these times of tragedy, the world stands United. Even if it means we are united in tears. Here’s my gift to all my friends in France. We are united…



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