Flowers in her hair

Drew Barrymore has always been one of my favorite actress. I love her bubbly, sunshine personality. I stumbled across this photo of her with flowers in her hair and it made me smile. Growing up in Singapore, where fields of flowers is not a common sight, my dream has always been to roll around in a field of flower…. and this picture was my way of doing it:)


Birthday thoughts. Aging and living…

It’s my birthday today and funny enough, I came across a fun picture of an old lady who obviously loves to have fun and doesn’t care what people think of her. I have kept that picture for a while and it just called for me to paint her… and so I did. It made me think of growing older, what it means and what I have been doing lately. I can honestly say that as I get older, I am more confident, I am learning to love myself and not rely on the opinions of others to feel good about myself. I paired this quote with this painting as a reminder to live the rest of my life to its fullest! Who cares what others think? As long as I LIKE IT!


I saw this post on Pinterest and was moved by the contemplative look on her face. Painted it inflight on my way to Seattle. I love looking at it… Makes me take a deep breath and go.. “Ahh…” Watercolor crayons. 


What is beauty?

 I have never considered myself beautiful. Guess there is a specific standard for beauty in the world around us. And it started with me wearing glasses when I was very young. Never saw anyone wearing glasses that is considered beautiful. Could not even see myself as a princess because there were no princesses with glasses! As I am in my mid forties, I finally embrace the beauty in me.. It’s how I feel about myself not what others think of me. Must share with caitey…. 

I got my own back

I was never able to paint or draw when I am upset. The other day, I made the mistake of reading my emails in the middle of the night. One email made me upset and I could not go back to sleep. So I got  up and painted this. I got this. I got my own back. I don’t need ungrateful people on my team. Watercolor, acrylic and collage on her dress.