Some days you just have to make your own sunshine…

I love the sun. I just makes me feel happier. Everything seems brighter. I came across a picture of this girl with a bright smile in a catalogue and her smile just reminds me of sunshine. My paintings of girls tend to look intense and not smile a lot. in fact, I have never painted anyone with a BIG smile. So, I thought it’s time to try. It definitely took me many many tries to fix the mouth. I still could not draw the teeth without it looking like a monster. Well, next time:) Also decided to paint the freckles and smily wrinkles on her face. I love how it turned out. Embracing the real woman with wrinkles and all:) Still playing with watercolor splotches on the hair and drippage…always have to have drippage!!:)

girl with one ear ring 2.jpg


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