Balloons of wishes

Still obsessed with playing with watercolor splotches on hair. Here is another girl with splotchy hair. I love adding layers and layers of color and letting the colors drip. The fun thing is watercolor dries lighter, so I will always come back and add more. Just pure fun! Wanted to paint more happy thoughts,… this time, sending happy thoughts and wishes with balloons… sending everyone Love, Laughter, Wisdom and Courage. All good stuff that I want!

girl with balloons72

Be a light..

There is a lot of darkness in the world around us today. And hate is sprouting around. Some days I just want to hide in my happy land (my home, my art table, my art Facebook groups..) and avoid all the hate and darkness. But I don’t want to live in denial or live by hiding. I believe we can all do something, I can do something to help… To be a light… in my case, to be a light to my children…

Be a light P.jpg

Playing with watercolor, again big hair… I love big hair! and playing with watercolor splotches. Painting and playing! Great way to spend a Saturday pm (ok, I chose to skip some holiday shopping and stay at home with my favorite art supplies… it was a good decision!)

Happy Painting!

As I get older…

As I get older, I find myself being more selective about who I spend time with, and less compelled to be everyone’s best friend. I am even ok with the knowledge that there are people who will not like me. And it’s not my fault -in fact, it has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with them. I saw this quote and loved it immediately…. Re the painting, it’s a watercolor I did on my flight back from the West Coast. I love painting on the plane as I forces me to focus on the few materials I have, watercolor crayon, paper and my brush. This is the first time I am using Arches Watercolor paper and I have to say, I LOVE IT!!!!! It was so fun playing with the watercolor, making it drip, the colors just seem to come alive on the paper! I truly believe that paper is the most important ingredient in a painting. Glad I tried it! Will be investing in those paper from now on… it is just more fun!

as i get older

Keep calm and put your bitchface on..

Have not painted for a while. But definitely have the itch, so I was very excited to get an aisle seat on my flight back from Seattle and do some painting! My reference photo girl had that “don’t f*** with me look” which made me laugh, so I decided to paint her and put this quote on. Watercolor. Enjoy!