Baby it’s cold outside…

We’ve had some unseasonably warm days this winter, and while I am not complaining, it does feel like something is not quite right. It’s just confusing to see cherry blossoms blooming in Dec… The poor plants are confused about the weather. What will happen in spring, I wonder… will they still be able to bloom? Anyway, we are finally in the 30s in Virginia today. It is cold and crisp outside and I have to say, I am glad winter is finally here. Coming from Singapore, a tropical country, where it’s either hot, hotter or hottest, I am thrilled about living in a place with 4 seasons. I love the change of seasons, change of moods, mindsets and wardrobe:) So, bring out the sweater, it’s cold outside! Let’s enjoy it till spring is here! I painted her with watercolor and then for her hood, I used some texturing medium, thick gesso and … my favorite… glitter! I hope you can see it. I also added little cut out hearts… we need love around us to warm us up!


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