Art = state of mind?


People often say your art reflects you / your mood and to that, I had a very interesting experience yesterday…

I always paint and listen to Youtube video or “listen” to movies. Yesterday, I was watching a very disturbing movie “The Stanford Prison Experiment”. An interesting but disturbing movie about a study where they had volunteers experience being a prisoner or guard and the psychological effects of becoming either one of them. And like I mention, it was very disturbing and I was very glad when it ended. While watching the movie, I attempted to paint 3 (yes 3) faces. The first 2 were so hideous and ugly that I could not even finish them. I placed the paper down and put them away from me. Too ugly to even look at them. The last one was toward the end of the movie and I really tried to focus more on my painting and this was what I painted…. I think she looks scared and distrusting. I did not paint with that intention in mind, nor have I ever painted any faces that look like that. I can only say that it’s the movie that affected the outcome of my painting. Wonder if any of you ever have the same experience? Not my favorite kind of painting…. note to self, watch happy movies when I paint:)




2 thoughts on “Art = state of mind?

    • tlow1260 says:

      Thanks Michelle. To be honest, it was very frustrating for me last night as I did not like what I made. It was only in the am that I could see and think straight and look at what I could learn from it😂 would love to see if you have the same results if you try it too😉


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