What consumes your mind controls your life


Thanks to Winter Storm Jonas, Sat has been a blissful day of just creating…. hence, this avalanche of posts from me:) I have been sketching and painting faces and found myself itching to make something messy with mixed media and collage. So I did it. This face is painted with watercolor and the hair started with watercolor as a base, then acrylic, then collage, then ink, then stamps, I even stitched a broken butterfly wing from a Xmas ornament on the paper! Oooh, I LOVE mixed media. Oh, and not to forget the flower stencil with spackling paste! It was yummy messy fun! here is a close up of the hair.

mind close up

To be honest, I am not thrilled with the face. And I have difficulty with this kind of hairline, but can’t think of another way to do this… so, what the heck, the most important thing is, I had FUN! Love the unexpected nature of Mixed Media, you just don’t know what will turn up!


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