If you fail, try, try again…


Someone reached out to me today about painting darker skin faces and I decided to give it a try. I have not painted a dark skin face before. And IT WAS HARD! It is tricky getting the right color to bring out the beautiful dark skin color. I realized how much I was dependent on the white paper for my paintings:) The above picture is what I finally got to after MANY MANY TRIES. Thought I’d share my journey because a friend said she never see my “boo boos”… oh yes, I have my fair share of boo boos…. I just work on them until I am happy with them… So, to start from the beginning…

I started out painting the face with watercolor… but I hated it.


and as usual, my pal, Gesso, came to the rescue.


Then I switched to acrylic. Still the colors were not right.


I tried mixing different skin colors using acrylic, then I used pastels, then color pencils, then watercolor, then back to acrylic. It was crazy. Truly MIXED media:) Luckily the paper did not give up on me and I finally got to a place that I like. To finish off, I added more watercolor to the background, stencils and a glittery feather (glitter always make everything right). At this moment, the sun rays from the setting sun shone on my page. What a beautiful moment. I knew it was time to stop. So, I captured the picture with the sun rays on it, to remember this moment. I am glad I persisted. And I will keep on trying. I will get it one day….



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