Just keep going

The evolution. Love mixed media play. Layers and layers of fun. Love using modeling paste for her long skirt. Inspired by Kate Morgan and her lovely skirts.

This is how it started
Added a cut out from magazine
Love playing with texture for her skirt

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Be a badass

I love notebooks. Still prefer to write notes vs type notes when I work. And I love making notebooks even more. Love this pic. A postcard I got from a bar in nyc (forgot the name). Love how badass she looks.

Stronger together

Week three scraps 3/52 #52tagshannemade this is a weekly project that I am doing following @hannemadebyanne . This week it is to sew fabric scraps together onto the tag. I love sewing this and how it turned out. And as I think about today, it made me think how fitting this is. Scraps of different fabrics coming together. Sewn side by side. Each unique and different yet together they make up an interesting tapestry. Something that is way more interesting than if I had sewn scraps of only the same fabric together. I know… maybe I am overthinking this but today is a special day, a day I want to remember. President Biden’s speech inspired this feeling and thinking. We are different and we are stronger together.

No words…

I ran out of words to describe my feelings. They are in the paint and pencil strokes. Kept this very loose including the way I held my charcoal pencil. Felt good after this play. Thankful for art play🙏

Slow stitching

Been watching a lot of YouTube videos. Discovered this stitching artist Anne Brook Textile Artist and decided to follow her year long tags project. Making one tag each week based on a prompt. Here is week one. Prompt: white.
#52tagshannemade loving this slow stitching thing… Very relaxing. Feels like I am collaging using thread and fabric. I write something about the week on the back of the tag… will be fun to look back at the end of this year…

why I love watercolor

Started painting this yesterday. With thoughts of my friend’s dad in mind, who is in critical condition. Have not painted something like this for a long time. It all came back to me.. why I love watercolor. It’s the layers,… the addition of details , the softness and translucency of the medium…. and such a relaxing process… a healing process. Helps me think through things while I paint. Especially her hair. This goes out to everyone who is in need of healing, prayers, or just need a moment of peace. 🙏🙏🙏

A simple mixed media booklet

Played with making a simple and easy booklet using one large sheet of paper. I folded the paper into 8ths and cut it so I can fold it into a booklet. I used it to play with paint and mark making. Then I added little quotes. I actually made a simple video to show you how the booklet unfolds. This time with a voice over! Yay, another milestone in my video making journey😂. Check it out if you are intrigued.

Live your dream

Abstract painting is truly a journey for me… where I have no idea where I am heading and layer after layer, the paint leads me there… it is a journey of discovery, of faith and of courage. This time I ended up with the word Dream. Mixed media in my altered book.