I am weird… but, I like it this way…

As the new year approaches, I find myself doing the same thing I do every year, think about new year resolutions. As I think about what resolutions to make, I realize that I am focusing on areas where I am not good enough and areas I need to improve on. But, why should I? I am not perfect, but who says I have to be perfect? This quote really spoke to me. I am who I am and I like it this way… Just like this painting… this was a risk. I have always admired the art of Silvia Pelissero, Marion Bolognesi, Youtuber Laovaan. They are able to use different colors on faces to create very interesting effects. I wanted to try my hand at it. It was not easy, using pinks, purples, yellows and blues instead of the usual facial colors. The end result looks a bit weird to me, but I am embracing it, I like it for my first attempt. Will be doing more of this, it’s really quite addictive:)

i am weird72.jpg


Freckles… a curse or a blessing?

I do not have freckles… but I have always thought that people with freckles seem to have more fun. They remind me of sun, fun, outdoors, carefree, tomboys, etc. I decided to paint a redhead with freckles. Surely, this girl must have LOADS of FUN!!! To all my freckly friends….:)


Divergent Hair?!

I love painting big hair. Because it is fun to drip colors, go crazy with colors and strokes. Personally, this also reminds me of my thick mane of hair… my hair stylists often tell me how lucky I am to have that but I know growing up, I have always hated having thick hair. I want flat, thin hair! I have finally embraced what I have now (and it helps that with age, I have lost some of that thickness:) Problem with thick hair is often it is not controllable! Especially with humidity. I saw this quote and thought it fits this (and how I feel about thick hair) perfectly! To those of us who have divergent hair…. enjoy!

Divergent hair.jpg

Making the most of a road trip…

When I fly, I bring watercolor crayons with me and have a blast painting on the plane. It’s a good exercise learning to pare down on your supplies and focus on making art with the few things you have. This holiday period, we went on a road trip and I usually knit as that seems to be the only thing I can do while being trapped in a car (I hate road trips). BUT this time, I found a new trick! I could draw with charcoal pencils in the car!! Okay, I don’t think it’s the best work but it sure is fun, being loose and free, chatting with my husband while he drives and he can actually watch me draw during the trip! I have a ways to learn re charcoal drawing. Glad I found a new way to enjoy the much hated road trip!!! Do any of you do that? Sketch in the car?




Happy holidays!

It’s been a few days since I last posted on this blog… Have been busy spending time with the family enjoying the holidays. So, it’s a good thing:) I love this time of the year… Makes me reflective and think of stuff. It’s been a good year, with its usual ups and downs, and through it all, my family has stuck together. That’s what matters to me. Personally, it’s  been a great year of art….I’ve made new friends through the different set groups, loved making art everyday, learned to appreciate the simpler tools like paper and pencil (never leave home without them!), took the leap and started this blog and my own etsy store! I have finally embraced myself as an artist and can’t wait to make more art! Thank you all for visiting this blog and accompanying me on my journey of self discovery through art.  


Dream On, Dreamer…

I loved Pink when I was a teenager. I had to have everything in pink. I was obsessed. Pink color is just so dreamy, so soft… it makes everything magical and lovely. While I am not obsessed with Pink color anymore, it still makes me smile when I see the color, especially on young girls. Painted this girl to encourage my daughter to dream on… it is good to dream.


Exercise? I thought you said “extra fries”…

I love the minions. They just make me laugh. I saw this quote by the minions on Pinterest the other day and just had to use it with this girl. I wish exercise and fries are interchangeable 🙂 this girl is inspired by a Bridget Bardot picture a friend of mine sent me. Note: the word inspired… I am not good at replicating… Thank you Dawn Shelton Connelly! Watercolor.

Throw kindness around like Confetti…

December puts me in a festive mood. The weather, the music, the decorations…. decided to continue with my bright and happy momentum and painted this. Loved playing with the colors in the hair and the flower. Never painted flowers, not my favorite subject even though I love flowers. I usually cheat and use collage:) This time, I decided to try it, why not… I am happy with my “interpretation” of a flower. Had so much fun splattering the paint around like confetti…making a mess on my art table. Good messy fun! So, throw some kindness like confetti people! We need more kindness in the world!!

Kindness Confetti

I finally did it!

Yes, I did…I finally plucked up all my courage, stopped telling myself I am not an artist and did it…. I opened my etsy store!!!! It is both exciting and scary at the same time. Putting my art out there for people to “buy”. Would there be people who actually want to pay to own one of my work? Really, is that possible? Thanks to all the wonderful encouragement from the art community on Facebook, I finally shed all my self doubts and told myself, if you don’t do it, you’ll never know. And I am glad I did. It is a step forward, towards believing in myself, my creative voice. I am not looking to make money from the store. Art is not a money making path for me in the first place and never will be. My hope is that my art will bring joy to people, just like it does for me. In fact, Art did more than bring me joy… it saved me and helped me find my inner true voice. Check it out if you’d like and let me know what you think:)




Some days you just have to make your own sunshine…

I love the sun. I just makes me feel happier. Everything seems brighter. I came across a picture of this girl with a bright smile in a catalogue and her smile just reminds me of sunshine. My paintings of girls tend to look intense and not smile a lot. in fact, I have never painted anyone with a BIG smile. So, I thought it’s time to try. It definitely took me many many tries to fix the mouth. I still could not draw the teeth without it looking like a monster. Well, next time:) Also decided to paint the freckles and smily wrinkles on her face. I love how it turned out. Embracing the real woman with wrinkles and all:) Still playing with watercolor splotches on the hair and drippage…always have to have drippage!!:)

girl with one ear ring 2.jpg