Bold and beautiful 

I love to paint faces, especially eyes and big hair. One day, a Facebook friend asked if I have ever painted a bald woman. I have not. And never thought of that either. She is a breast cancer survivor and she sent me a photo of herself, bald, smiling radiantly with her friends.  It inspired me. She inspired me. I decided to try it. Paint a bald woman.

As I did this painting, a few thoughts came to my mind…

Firstly, the role of hair in my life..Hair has always been such an integral part of my appearance and identity. A bad hair cut used to be devastating when I was younger. I would feel ugly and not confident. As I grow older, i would be self conscious about a bad hair cut but not to the same degree. Hair is like my safety blanket.. especially long hair.. I don’t think I am alone in this kind of thinking. So I can only imagine the adjustment someone going through chemo will have to make when they start losing their hair. The courage and bravery to step out with a wig or without one. I have a lot of respect for women going through that.

And while I am painting this, I also realized that without her hair framing her face, her features stood out even more. Her eyes look more beautiful, her facial shape looks more distinct… it’s like I can see her better. There was no hair to cover anything up. This is her true self. She is bold and beautiful.

Anyway, I really enjoyed painting this. Think I will paint a few more.

The one thing I struggled with was the background. As I am used to painting big crazy colorful hair, this pure state without her hair left me wondering what to do with her background.

I started with no background color. Like this..

While I liked that her eyes stood out, I wondered if something was missing. If it feels too cold and stark. So I painted in some color in the background, added some flowers, then some additional texture with acrylic paint and stamps. And this is her.

What do you think? Which one brings out her beauty and strength more?


Practice the Pause.

One of my biggest strength is the ability to jump into action, get things done. That however could be a double edged sword. In some cases, jumping into action may not be a good thing. Sometimes it pays to pause. Take a deep breathe, pause …and think. I have been working on this and it seems to get better with age.

Practice the Pause. 

Sketch with Hb graphite and charcoal pencil.

People should fall in love with their eyes closed 

Another figure drawing and frabic drawing practice. Sketched this inflight. I love her expression, eyes closed, so sweet and peaceful. 

This quote was thought provoking to me. Usually we fall in love first with our eyes. But eyes can be deceiving. What if we fell in love with our eyes closed? Would that be more truthful? 

I wonder…

I love and accept my body as it is and work to make it better

I liked this pose. A sexy, confident pose. It was a nice challenge to draw and paint. I kept it simple and restrained from adding too many colors to it. Believe me, it was a BIG self restraint:)

When I was looking for a quote to go with this painting, I came across this and thought, this is it! “I love and accept my body as it is and work to make it better”. In today’s world where many women struggle with insecurities about their bodies, I think this is a powerful quote.It strikes the balance of loving and accepting your body as is AND working to make it better. 
Something I am working on. 💃💃💃 

Here are some work in progress shots. 

I paint flowers so they will not die…

Lately, I have been fascinated with painting flowers. Today I decided to combine my love for painting faces with my latest obsession with painting flowers…. And Frida appeared! With her quote “I paint flowers so they will not die”. Love the quote! This time, I painted her unibrow .., had to resist erasing it. Looks weird to me but it is her signature look… So I had to leave it there. 

I used watercolor for this.

My favorite colors on this page. Bright cheerful and fun. 

Always find a reason to laugh

A dark cloud has been lifted from my life and I am feeling light and joyful. Sketched this in celebration of that. Also practicing how to draw teeth. Reference pic on Pinterest. Teeth is tough but nothing beats a big hearty laugh with lots of teeth showing😉💃💃💃

So laugh more my friends….

Give yourself permission to be a beautiful mess 

Sunday am is my favorite time/day of the week. The house is quiet, my angels are still sleeping, a cup of tea at my art desk. So peaceful… At this moment, I am always filled with gratitude, for all the blessings in my life. I am thankful.

This morning, I decided to treat myself and took out my arches watercolor paper block. As usual, I drew a face. But this time, I did something different. Instead of rushing to paint her, I took my time. 

As I lay the watercolor on the paper, I watch it spread slowly on the page…. Feathering out, looking for a damp spot on the paper..  It was magical. “I should slow down and enjoy the process more often. This is so much fun!” I tell myself. 

Too often I rush into it, anxious to see the end result. By taking the time, I was able to truly enjoy the true splendor of watercolor, the joys of painting.

I loved the painting at this stage and thought I could just stop here. Why not?… But I couldn’t… It kept calling me to add more color to her. So I did. Slowly… Enjoying how the colors interact with each other, with the water and how different colors look next to each other. I did restrain myself and left some white space (that is usually my problem)😉

She is done and I titled her “Give yourself the permission to be a beautiful mess”. Yes,.. And that I am, a beautiful mess💖

If the words you spoke appear on your skin….

I painted this at an art meet up this pm. Honestly, I struggled with her. Was not feeling it. Her hair went through many colors.. Turquoise, yellow, orange, red.. And eventually the fall colors emerge. Guess fall was on my mind😉 When I came home, I was still not happy with her but could not stop working until this.., I am finally happy with her. I think the blue background really made a difference. Glad I did not give up on her. 

I love this quote “if the words you spoke were on your skin, would you still be beautiful?”. Very thought provoking. Sometimes, we pay so much attention to how we look, but beauty is more than that. It’s how we behave, what we say, how we treat each other,… Beauty is so much more.