“Give it a try” whispered the heart 

Started this painting yesterday. My favorite way to spend a quiet Sunday am on a long weekend. Family sleeping, house is quiet, birds chirping outside, good light with a nice cup of tea. Almost dipped my paint brush into my tea cup a few times😂

Finished her today.She is done. Had so much fun playing with her big crazy hair. Had to tone it down a bit 😉Also struggled with her top, painted with different colors and finally decided to go with collage. I like how it turned out.

One of my favorite quotes. It’s how I operate… Listening to the whispers in my heart..

Love playing with glitter and texture. Used paper doilies for lace on her top. 

Love her. 

BTW, I did not end up dipping my paint brush into my tea cup😂 


Be Fearless

Decided to bold tonight and REALLY go crazy with colors. Using strong colors on her face is scary. It definitely went through an ugly stage. Luckily her loveliness pushed through.. Always a scary moment☺️ Hence the quote. Be Fearless. It’s how I feel tonight!💃💃💃

Believe… In myself..

An interesting thing happened yesterday. I never thought I could paint flowers so I don’t. On a whim, I gave it a try yesterday, shared it on Facebook and surprisingly I received a lot of compliments for the flowers I painted! With all that encouragement, I decided to believe in myself and keep painting flowers. This time on canvas so I can hang it on my wall. I was a little unsure at first, doubting if I can really paint flowers but I soon loosened up and picked colors that make me smile. I am happy with this piece. It makes me happy. But I was afraid to post this online. Should I? What if I don’t get as many likes as before? In the end, I reminded myself that every piece of art I do is for me. Go ahead, share it with others. If they don’t like it, so be it, I like it! 

Just try something different 

I love flowers and admire people who can paint them well. I can’t. So I don’t do it much. Today, I decided to play outside my comfort zone. It was fun! I kept it loose, used acrylic, then pastel to add some outline. I love the colors, especially needed on a rainy day like today. Chose this quote to remind myself to try something different every now and then. 

Strong women are not simply born…

Day 3 #artchallenge. Decided to mess around in my altered book journal using some business cards I collected during my recent trip to San Diego. I love the freedom of mixed media. You just layer and layer and layer until you are happy with it and I am. Love this quote/poem by kendralynn. 

Your mind is a garden …

Day 1 of #artchallenge. A wonderful friend, Jeannie Wermuth nominated me. The challenge is to post an old or new piece of art for 5 days & nominate someone else to participate. I nominate Michelle Casber Morlan, a multi-talented artist who inspires me everyday with her lovely art. Here is my girl exploding with flowers. Watercolor and collage. Love this quote that my daughter helped me pick out. “Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.” Wise words….