Day 93/100 #100dayproject 7 more to 100!!!!! Loving the little breaks from painting with these little relaxing embroidery projects. It’s another form of painting actually…



Day 92/100 #100day project BROWN. The next color in my single color painting series. Never used only brown for the face, actually turned out well. What should my next color be?….


Day 91/100 #100dayproject Orange. Number 5 in my single color painting series. Somehow she fits orange to me. Orange is a little naughty and defiant.

Payne’s Grey

Day 89/100 #100dayproject number 4 in the single color painting series. Payne’s Grey. First time using this color as the only color in a painting. It is interesting to see the different shades that one can make with Payne’s grey. I have a greater appreciation for this color now.


Day 85/100 #100dayproject I love blue. Especially dark blue or navy blue. Wanted to experiment with painting something with just blue. A little different from my usual style. Good to try something different to get back into painting. What do you think? Maybe I can do a series of single color paintings and see how that goes….🤔


Day 86/100 #100dayproject after my blue painting, I decided to continue the single color palette painting. This time another of my favorite color, crimson lake. I am enjoying this challenge of using only one color and seeing how the color affects the mood of the painting. What do you think should be the next color?

Painting with threads

Day 83/100 #100dayproject first day back after a 3 week break. For some reason I did not pick up a pencil or paintbrush. Instead I chose to embroider. Paint with threads. One if my key words for2020. Hopefully tomorrow I will start painting again. Just need this jet lag to go away!!!!