Seeing the northern lights is on my bucket list. I will get there one day. I will. 

In the meantime, I will attempt to paint it. This is a big deal for me as I am terrible at painting landscapes. That’s why I never paint landscapes. 

This was hard for me but I am glad I pushed myself. Will try again and again until I am better at it. 



Letting go

Letting go. My mantra for 2017. I need to get myself emotionally ready for my kids growing up and soon to leave the nest. I know it is not till 2018 but I also know I am terrible at this. I know…this is part of the parenting journey, it’s about letting them spread their wings and fly, like the way my parents did for me. But I still hate it! I will learn to be strong, for them, for me.

Btw, I am not a religious person, just got inspired to paint the Buddha. And some of the Buddha teachings do resonate with me.

I will need all the guidance I can get:)

Playing with patterns 

Taking some time off to spend time with the family AND indulge in art making.

Decided to play with crazy hair today and added some crazy patterns on her hair.

An experiment. She kinda looks weird to me .. like an octopus 😂 but she is growing on me… the more I look at her.

I am a feminist 

This weekend, I watched Madonna’s kick ass acceptance speech for Billboard’s woman of the year award. It was so moving. I was so inspired. She called herself a bad feminist and asked women to seek out strong women, to be inspired by, to collaborate with, to learn from, etc. I could not agree more.

Then I saw this quote by Maya Angelou. I loved it. Yes, make sense to be on my own side👌!

Painted this girl with watercolor. Went crazy with her hair😂😂😂 reminds me of fluffy clouds..she is a feminist. A bad one 👌

Mixed media play on my journal cover 

My watercolor journal is almost full. Time to decorate its cover. Decided to play with mixed media. Started with collaging little cards and souvenirs from my travels. Added scrap paper. Then painted with acryli paint, added molding paste on stencils, and lots of doodling. Also found the words “art sutra” in my paper pile. Decided to use it and paired it with a quote I heard from someone a while ago. That the difference between an artist and one that is not is that “artists feels fear but make art anyway”. I am loving this cover💕💕💕

I just wanna go home! 

Why oh why is it so difficult to get home from NYC? First my flight was delayed, then I switched to train and that too was delayed…I just want to go home!!! Sketched this on the train based on a reference photo I found on Pinterest. Love his expression and hair so. Trying to sketch my woes away😂😂😂 #teresalowart


I used to be an adrenaline junkie. Love adrenaline heart pumping exercise classes like Zumba, spinning and sh’bam. I was never interested in yoga, seemed like a waste of time.. so still and boring.

 One day I hurt my ankle and could not do the high intensity classes so I decided to give yoga a try. Before I know it, I am hooked. 

Today, I practice yoga every day. It’s hard.. I still can’t do headstands but I am improving everyday. I love it because I feel good after every yoga practice..which is not the feeling I get after those high intensity classes. I get a good dose of wellness both physically and emotionally.

I love this phrase in Ashtanga yoga… Samasthitih. This is used when we transition from one set of movements to the next. It means coming back to our center. Leaving behind what we just did and starting afresh, looking forward to our next set of movements. 

I love this idea of Samasthitih even outside of yoga. Too often we get stuck in our past, not looking forward. Samasthitih.. yes. 

Re this painting… definitely stretching beyond my comfort zone. Painting the human figure and nature are both not easy for me. Glad I gave this a go. 

Samasthitih… time to look ahead to my next painting:)

Playing with blues and grays… 

Playing with blues and grays on her hair color today. I usually wing it when it comes to hair color. I would simply paint and see what colors make sense. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Today I actually painted some color swatches and created a color palette before painting. This worked much better. 

Also experimented with mixing my own colors vs painting straight from the tubes. I am loving the colors that I created! So much more interesting than those that just come straight from the tube. Will continue doing that too! 

Lastly, still experimenting with creating patterns and texture. Yup. I like it. I also find myself looking at the world around me differently… looking for interesting patterns and textures that I could paint:) There are inspirations around us!