So glad it is finally the weekend. Been a brutal and stressful week. And all the noise about the upcoming election week and people buying guns… my head is spinning. Overwhelmed. I turn to art. This piece started with splashes of ink, messy, with no rhyme or reason. Just splashes. Dark and messy. Like life. As I played with the flowing water and ink, I am feeling the sun again. The sun always shine. And I find myself adding more lightness to the piece. I can still see and feel the darkness beneath but light is emerging from it. I add bubbles. No reason. Just because it makes me smile. Feels lighter. Bubbles float away.. taking away the stress and darkness.


Simple things

Simple things. Sometimes we forget we don’t have to be busy all the time. To go go go. It’s ok to slow things down. To just go for a walk. To enjoy the sound of leaves crushing underneath your feet… this is a piece that started out gloriously with watercolor inks. Soon it became a disaster because I just couldn’t get the face right. That’s when I throw caution to the wind and just have fun with collage, modeling paste, gesso, doodling…. always thankful for mixed media to rescue my watercolor disasters😂

Painting my feelings

Thank you everyone for your kind words of support and comfort on my post about my almost accident. I cannot adequately express just how much it helped me. Your kind words felt like a warm blanket. Gave me a lot of comfort, also a lot to think about. I am filled with gratitude for a second chance in life 🙏 I wish I can say that magically I am alright now. I definitely feel better. Was able to drive. But not ready to get on that highway to Charlottesville yet. I will. One day. Right now, I am just going to paint. I still have no words to put with my painting. It just is. How I feel.

No words

Have you ever had an experience that shook you so badly that you are left feeling unsettled and discombobulated? Reliving that moment in your head…

I had a gorgeous day yesterday. A day of sunshine, mural hunting and spending time with my son. What more could one ask for?

Well, on my drive home, I fell asleep at the wheel. It’s a problem I have. Made worse when I am exhausted. Today, I opened my eyes to find my car swerving like mad in the grassy ditch/median. I struggled to take control of the wheel, turning it back onto the highway so I don’t crash into the trees. Little did I know that getting it on the highway could have been fatal as it spun around on the highway. Miraculously I did not hit any car.

I narrowly escaped death. Could easily have crashed, died, be paralyzed or badly injured. But I did not. The car had to be repaired but I am fine.

I finally got home fine. And felt unsettled the rest of the day. Could not do any art or anything really. I can’t even put into words how I felt.

I did manage to splash some ink on paper.

This morning, I was able to paint something on it. I guess this is how I feel, but still without words. I don’t have a title for this. But it is just how I feel now.

Have you ever felt this way? You are feeling and thinking lots but can’t describe it?

I am thankful. For art. For my guardian angels who looked over me. For a second chance in life. To never take things for granted again. I will stop and take a nap the next time I feel sleepy while driving. I will not risk my own life and others. I promise🙏