My first

I used to be a perfectionist. Still am but have loosened up a bit. And I only drew with pencil. Never colored or painted bec I was afraid the color would ruin my drawing. But one day I saw a mixed media class and decided I want to let go of my perfectionism. So I took it. And this was the first piece I made. I still remember struggling with how unstructured the class was. Wondering if the teacher even has a plan 😱 It was terrifyingly free and open. As I look at this piece I am grateful I took the class. I plunged into the uncomfortable unknown and just kept swimming 🏊‍♀️ this is what happens when you do a major decluttering of your house and keep walking down memory lane….


2 thoughts on “My first

  1. Joan Lauzau says:

    Thank you for sharing your talents. I have enjoyed your art for some time now and appreciate the art you create. Thank you Joan Lauzau Sent from my iPad


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