Best of 2018

As I looked through my art posts for 2018, I realized that this has been a year of branching out for me. I ventured beyond my comfort zone faces, and ventured into figure drawing , figure painting, painting animals, experimenting with colors and even tried painting 2 figures entwined in an embrace. Continued to play in my art journal and fell in love with a new medium pyrography. It has been a good year. Will continue to venture into new unknown territories while building on my faves… color and faces. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. May 2019 be a fruitful year for you too!



Smile. It is good for you. It’s free! And the world needs more of that.

Woke up with a migraine. Decided to do some sketching. It relaxes me. Saw this photo of this adorable old man on Pinterest. He made me smile the whole time I am sketching it.

Migraine gone!!!!

Smile. 😃😃😃

Happy little accidents

Mistakes, we all make mistakes. Part of growing and learning. But as Bob Ross like to say, they are not mistakes, just happy little accidents. I made one today with the accidental blob of black paint next to her hair. So many people provided suggestions on how to work with this. Thank you! Decided to listen to some of the suggestions, and used it to make a starry night background. You can’t even see the blob now. And it gave her the background she needs. A starry night where she is looking to what the future may hold.

I burned wood!!!

I burned wood!!!! Yes I did! Decided to try a new form of art. Wood burning. Wasn’t easy at first, you can see my progression from the one at the top to the eyes at the bottom. Still a lot to learn but so proud that I made something by burning wood!!! The smell of burning wood is soooooo good!!! Given how much of a klutz I am, hope I don’t burn myself or things around me🤣 now to learn how to shade….

Face with a story to tell

Saw a photo of Meryl Streep and it really intrigued me. The lines on her face, her slight frown,… it’s a face that has a story to tell. As I paint this face, I wonder what her story is, why is she frowning, … and I admire how gracefully she ages. Wonder if I would be so kind to myself when I see lines on my face….

Watercolor painting