Demons and Angels

I rarely paint the male face, but I saw this picture on Pinterest and I just could not resist 😄 He fits the bad boy stereotype but I decided to add wings on him, and that led me to this quote. I believe that we have both Demons and Angels in each of us. At least I know it’s true for me😉❤️💜💙


A colorful face…

Painting on a beautiful Saturday pm. Continuing my experiment with non skin tone colors on her face. This time I also added some ink drawing on the background. The stipple technique did not quite work out, but that’s ok. I like her. Playing with non skin tone colors is tricky. It’s like a trial and error. A gamble. I like what turned up.

Below is my first experiment with different colors on her face. Was a little more hesitant.

Who am I?



Taking a class online on faces (Let’s Face it) and this is a lesson by Olga Furman. It was tough. I am still not sure I love her but I want to share it as it is part of my creative journey. If you’re an artist, you can probably relate… sometimes, you just don’t like the end result….
This was tough, I really struggled with it and almost gave up.
First of all, I have never painted faces using gray tones – that was hard, kept thinking she looked like a corpse (LOL). Then her princess Leia hairstyle just irked me. So I gessoed over them. Then I struggled with the background… I think I am finally done. Still not sure I love her, but it was a great lesson, glad I push myself out of my comfort zone.
Also not sure who she is supposed to be, a clown? a bumble bee? a queen? .. hence, the quite Who am I? Think she is confused….

Where have all the years gone…

Finally done! A mini album I made for my daughter turning 13. I made one for my son when he turned 13, and now my daughter… A milestone age… I had so much fun choosing the photos to put in this album..marveling at how much she has grown, how time flies… I hope she likes it… And would be a keepsake for her when she is older too… Sigh, feeling nostalgic… Where have all the years gone….

I am so much more…

I just returned from an art retreat at Squam lake called Squam art workshop. This was started by an amazing lady Elizabeth Duvivier who wanted to create a magical place where there is abundance creativity, connection and self care. 

This is my fourth year attending it. To me, it is a magical place. Every year it has given me new awakenings and blessings. It is one of those rare places where i can truly be myself, follow my yes. Do what i want, not what i think i should. A place where I go to take care of myself, be with my tribe. 

The first year I attended, I was let go from my job. A day before I was to leave for the retreat. My world fell apart. Being the super achiever, sole bread winner, my world fell apart…. I was a failure… When I arrived at Squam, I was a mess. But the great thing was I knew no one and no one knew my background. While I spent moments of every day crying, grieving over my loss, something magical happened over the 4 days. I realized that I am not defined by my job title. In fact, no one cared about that. We connected in meaningful ways on other levels. I realize that I AM SO MUCH MORE. So much more than the company I am with, the size of my paycheck, my job title. It also awakened the inner artist in me, one that was always there but not daring to come out and play…. Looking back, I believe it was meant to be… For me to go through the tough period, to go to Squam and realize what I have in me.

I have been back to Squam every year since then. To me, it’s a little pilgrimage, a reminder that I am so much more. I am a warrior and when I put my mind to it, I can achieve my goals. 

Thank you Elizabeth. You have changed my life. 



Painted this for my daughter who is turning 13 in a few weeks. I am so proud of the young adult she is turning into. I love her so much that words can’t even begin to describe it. Hence the painting. The cloak contains little wishes I have for her and the painting symbolizes that I will always be there for her. BeYOUtiful my love. ❤️❤️❤️

Creativity is messy & I am very creative…

I was in a funk today, struggled with a painting and decided to loosen up and play with some colors on my handmade journal. It all started with a few collages of random paper, then I added paint, stencils, marks, glitter… Ie The kitchen sink. It is soooo liberating to just play and not worry about the outcome. If I don’t like something, gesso over it:)!

Got my fingers all messy with paint and glue. I love it! When I do a page like this, I never have a vision of what I want the page to look like, I just let the process go and see where it leads me. That is what I love about mixed media. In fact, as I was working on this page, a friend posted a really yummy color palette on my Facebook post and it was exactly where I wanted to go.., and viola, this crazy colorful page.

This is the journal cover for my handmade art journal, which is now complete with yummy goodness inside.

Love this quote. Good excuse for my messiness!

This was how the page started….. 

I am so inspired….

I had the most inspiring visit at the Virginia museum of fine arts today. (I am so blessed to have such a fine museum right here in Richmond ). There is a special exhibition of work from Kehinde Wiley. I literally walked around with my mouth open in awe. His paintings are based on transforming historical portraits, with black people as the main subject and creating a really interesting juxtaposition of colors and context. His work is mainly oil on canvas. His use of color is out of this world. I just want to stand there and stare all day long! And the skin tones… Wow. I am so inspired. Need to do some painting RIGHT NOW 💃💃💃

Painting with yarn 

Just returned from an art retreat (Squam art workshop) where I learned the art of hand weaving. I am so in love with this new art form. It is another way to play with colors (and use up my scrap yarn!)… It’s like painting with yarn! I can’t stop making them!!! 💃💃💃

I love BIG hair

Back to my big hair girls… This one has BIG hair😃 I started out with purple and pink hair but thought it was just too pink and purple and the flowers did not stand out. Took a risk and went for black hair. A very different look but I kinda like it… Need to let it “marinate” a little longer. What do you think?