No words…

I ran out of words to describe my feelings. They are in the paint and pencil strokes. Kept this very loose including the way I held my charcoal pencil. Felt good after this play. Thankful for art play🙏

Slow stitching

Been watching a lot of YouTube videos. Discovered this stitching artist Anne Brook Textile Artist and decided to follow her year long tags project. Making one tag each week based on a prompt. Here is week one. Prompt: white.
#52tagshannemade loving this slow stitching thing… Very relaxing. Feels like I am collaging using thread and fabric. I write something about the week on the back of the tag… will be fun to look back at the end of this year…

why I love watercolor

Started painting this yesterday. With thoughts of my friend’s dad in mind, who is in critical condition. Have not painted something like this for a long time. It all came back to me.. why I love watercolor. It’s the layers,… the addition of details , the softness and translucency of the medium…. and such a relaxing process… a healing process. Helps me think through things while I paint. Especially her hair. This goes out to everyone who is in need of healing, prayers, or just need a moment of peace. 🙏🙏🙏

A simple mixed media booklet

Played with making a simple and easy booklet using one large sheet of paper. I folded the paper into 8ths and cut it so I can fold it into a booklet. I used it to play with paint and mark making. Then I added little quotes. I actually made a simple video to show you how the booklet unfolds. This time with a voice over! Yay, another milestone in my video making journey😂. Check it out if you are intrigued.

Live your dream

Abstract painting is truly a journey for me… where I have no idea where I am heading and layer after layer, the paint leads me there… it is a journey of discovery, of faith and of courage. This time I ended up with the word Dream. Mixed media in my altered book.

Ready to have some fun!

Feeling mischievous tonight 😉 painted with alcohol ink. Getting the hang of it now and feeling more relaxed. Kinda like the bottom part, like a blouse for her. She is ready to have some fun in the new year💃💃💃 painted on the back of photo paper. I painted her first using a paint brush and alcohol ink. Then added details with micron pen. Felt she was too stark without a background. Added the background using the rocket blaster and hair dryer.