She is the queen of her life

The news of Simone Biles decision to withdraw from the Olympic events really resonated with me and had me thinking a lot these few days. She is a strong woman. One who has worked hard and achieved a lot. With that comes pressure and stress. And expectations. With the whole world watching, she did the bravest thing possible. She stood up for her own needs. Do what is right for her. Even if it could mean disappointing those counting on her. It takes a lot of courage and self love to do that. I applaud her and thank her for the example. My inspiration. As a strong female, people always think oh, you can do it, you can recover, you can handle it. And it pushes me to keep going. But at some point, I do need to ask is this right for me? Is this good for me? Not others. Me. So here is my mixed media painting. She is the queen of her life. Thank you Simone. To all the strong women out there, I hope you too have the courage to stand up for your own needs. Re this piece. The girl is a magazine cut out. I used modeling paste to manipulate and change her dress. I love this piece.


She is ready

While cleaning the house, I found an old painting I do not like anymore. Decided to paint over it.

Took me a while to cover up the old painting. Kept seeing it in the shadows. Then struggled through a really ugly stage. Unsure of what will emerge. I worked and reworked. Walked away a few times and slowly over a few weeks she finally emerged. She is done. She is coming with me to New York. I will always remember the journey she went through. I too will be brave. I will emerge strong. And ready.

My first

I used to be a perfectionist. Still am but have loosened up a bit. And I only drew with pencil. Never colored or painted bec I was afraid the color would ruin my drawing. But one day I saw a mixed media class and decided I want to let go of my perfectionism. So I took it. And this was the first piece I made. I still remember struggling with how unstructured the class was. Wondering if the teacher even has a plan 😱 It was terrifyingly free and open. As I look at this piece I am grateful I took the class. I plunged into the uncomfortable unknown and just kept swimming 🏊‍♀️ this is what happens when you do a major decluttering of your house and keep walking down memory lane….