Something incredulous. Something incredible

Ok this is a long post. Beware….
I had the most incredulous and incredible experience on Facebook. I posted this painting a few days ago. It started with playing with inks on a page and I did not like how it turned out. So I left it aside for weeks. A few days ago, I decided to pick it up and painted a face on it. And added some glass shattering. Not sure why. Maybe it was how I was feeling. My son was coming home from singapore and I was worried. I posted to different art groups on Facebook simply saying some days this is how I feel. And asked if anyone can think of a title for it.

The suggestions and comments started to flow in. I always reply to each comment to show my appreciation. And I was finding it hard to keep up. And boom, I received a notification from Facebook, banning me from replying to prevent spamming. Yup, spamming 🤣 when I was trying to reply to people who commented on my post! That was the incredulous part.

Yup, I got banned for spamming 🤣

The incredible part is the suggestions from everyone. They were insightful and brilliant. I have never had so many likes on any one piece of art I posted before. I think it is less bec it was a spectacular art but more bec we are going through something deep something similar together. Some people saw it as a positive thing, like “peace amid chaos”, “fractured but not broken”, others saw something negative like “shattered dreams”, “quarantined” What amazed me is how we can see different things based on how we feel even if we look at the same thing. So, did I pick a title? No. They were all good. I can relate to everything everyone suggested. Positive and negative. Ups and downs. Yes, there is chaos, yes there is peace. yes something is shattered. Yes I am not broken. And yes, I am grieving. For the life we had before. But I will look forward and emerge stronger than before. Thank you all for taking the time to connect with me on this. We are going through this together… apart. Stay safe my friends 🙏



My son is finally coming home after being away for a few months in Singapore. The thought of him traveling across the world and the risk of exposure kept me up all night yesterday. I painted this while waiting to hear from him… glad he is home. Time for some self quarantine!

Watercolor ink and salt play

Blue serenity

Blue serenity. It is rare that my heart is at peace these days. But I do have rare moments when I experience it. That moment when I forget what is going on and just focus on the now. Thankful for those moments of serenity. Breathe in, breathe out.

Watercolor painting. It was therapeutic painting her strands of hair… love the color blue.

Let your dreams be your wings

Let your dreams be your wings. This social distancing thing is beginning to get to me. As someone who travels a lot, I am feeling restless. Feeling trapped. Using my art to escape… will fly away with my dreams… anyone out there feeling the same way? This piece is made starting with dropping ink onto a page and let it splatter. Then I added the wings using my favorite wing stencil and molding paste. Then added glitter and cut little circles from my scrapbook paper I had. Practiced my hand lettering and viola.

My promise to you

Times like this, I go inwards. Remind myself what I am thankful for…. My babies. How time flies. Thank you for choosing me to be your mama. 🙏

Mixed media page in my altered journal.