Be human

Day 100/100 #100dayproject I can’t believe it. I did it!!!!! 100 art projects!!!! Took me a lot longer than I thought when I started but i did not give up. I learned a lot during the process too. First up, 100 is a big number 😂 and importantly, don’t force yourself to be perfect. So what if I can’t do this 100 projects on consecutive days? Who says I can’t set the rules. What’s important is that I enjoy what I do. And if I don’t like the rules, change them!!! Why not? And for the 100th project, I decided to go back to what I love, painting faces and playing with ink. She is imperfect and messy. But she is real, she is humans and she is beautiful in her own way. Like me.



Day 98/100 #100dayproject two more days to 100!!!!!! A mixed media page in my #alteredbook journal. I used to love all things Japanese growing up in singapore. I guess I still have the fascination today. And I particularly love the idea of wabi-sabi, embracing the imperfection and going with the flow. Easier said than done but still a good goal to have.