Love is the answer 

I needed this tonight. 


Wonderful you

We are surrounded by so many ugly horrific things now. But we can find wonder and beauty in all things. It is up to you. Beautiful quote by Becca Lee.

Trying to paint a looser more abstract style. Watercolor. 


Always seen and admired the #inktober posts by people creating art with only ink. Decided to give it a try. Using watercolor inks and micron pen for the face. It was interesting and not as easy shading the face with the pen. But it was kind of therapeutic too. Will practice more. #inktober2017

Be like water.

We seem to be surrounded by calamities more and more frequently these days. It’s overwhelming.. numbing. And worst of all, it’s the feeling of helplessness and lack of control. Then I came across the quote “Be like water” by Bruce Lee and it really spoke to me. Water is fluid. It flows through stones and cracks. It finds a way. It is fluid and takes the form of whatever vessel it is in. Be like water, my friend. Be like water. We will get through this. 

Watercolor painting. Using my favorite color, blue.