Her eyes have their own vocabulary.

Bought a new toy this weekend. Dr Ph Martin’s concentrated watercolor in indigo. Started splattering and indulging in the glorious blue color all over the page. To be honest, it was a mess to start with. But slowly, her eyes emerged, then her nose, her mouth and suddenly she appeared…. and I spent the rest of Sunday gloriously doodling away… couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful way to spend a lazy Sunday…


She has storm in her eyes…

We are facing stormy days.. feels like there is some kind of protest springing up around the country everyday. And we are flitting from one craziness to the next. Sometimes I wonder when I will wake up from this nightmare.

As always when I paint my girls, I have no idea in mind. Simply a posture I am interested in. And when she emerges, she has a message for me. In this case, a poem from Atticus.

“There was a storm in her eyes

Rocky seas from a hundred stormy nights

But also there was a light

A warm wind

From a distant shore

So that’s where I headed

Towards the light

That shone in her eyes

With gentle seas.”