She’s divine. She’s magic…

I love this quote by C.R.Bittar. We don’t have to wait on anyone to tell us we are beautiful or for that matter, to validate anything about ourselves. We are who we are, doesn’t matter what others think. 

Again playing in my altered journal. Loving these colors. They make me smile. And loving her skin color…

Here are a few more pics of the 2 page spread. 


Silence doesn’t mean that person quits…


When I was younger, I was feisty. I fought back and would argue passionately… for everything. As I grow older, and wiser (I hope), I find myself not arguing as much. Even if I disagree. Sometimes, I just don’t feel it is worth my time nor energy to argue or fight back. Don’t get me wrong, I still fight for what’s important to me. But I do walk away from arguments where I know the person I am arguing with just don’t want to understand.

I thought this quote says it really well.


This is a 2 page spread in my altered book journal. Love messing around with paint, bright colors, collage, molding paste, textures, etc.


In a way where people talk too much sometimes, silence can be a good thing.





Be Who You Are… not who the world wants you to be..


I had a good learning experience yesterday. Decided to do a mixed media painting and film it for my YouTube channel. However, I was too aware of the filming and the process stressed me out. I ended up not liking the end product.


Guess my stress and frustration was reflected in the painting. I decided to post it anyway on my Facebook art groups and everyone was so encouraging and persuaded me not to abandon my painting. Many people provided suggestions too.. one in particular stood out to me (wish I remembered who it came from)… which is to let her be who she is, and not to force it.

I decided to take a break, stopped by the library, the bookstore and Michaels (“rewarded” myself with bottles of yummy acrylic paint:).

When I came home, I stopped filming and just painted. Playing with colors and just “letting her be”. It was liberating and I do like the end result (the picture at the top of the page)

Good lesson for me… to paint for joy, not to force it, take a break when needed, and so thankful for all the supportive and encouraging art community on Facebook.

Here is the video of the original painting, before the makeover:) Enjoy!

Here are some close ups of the painting. Love glitter and metallic paint!!!




The practice of gratitude.

It’s been quite a week.. Starting with a little scare when I thought I felt a lump on my breast. Really made me stop and think about my life. Told myself I really need to be grateful for every day I am on this earth. Then a few days later, I found out that a dear colleague has ovarian cancer. Still trying to process that…

And today I was going to join 3 art friends from Squam (an art retreat I have been going to the last 4 years) for a great weekend by the beach chilling and making art. Makes me smile just thinking of that..

Woke up real early to catch the 6am flight to Newark, only to find out that my flight to Boston has been cancelled and I am rescheduled for 5pm that day. A whole day at the airport?! No! Thwn began the frenzy of looking at different options. Planes, trains, bus, rental cars…. I Looked at every option. In the end chose to stick around and wait for the flight. (Some how it always end up this way)

Feeling real sorry for myself and frustrated. Forgot everything I said earlier in the week about being grateful for what I have. I finally decided to make the most of the situation. I have my art supplies, why not find a good spot and do some drawing? And i even got a few poke balls as I walked around the airport:) (for those who play Pokemon go, you will understand).

As I was settling in, drawing, I saw a post on Facebook from Elizabeth Duvivier, the founder of Squam. She posted her podcast, this time she interviewed one of the most generous lovely human being I got to meet at the last Squam. Marceline Smith. As I sat and drew, I listened to them chat about everything from life to art to knitting etc. it was so soothing and calming. I really think they were Angels sent to me when I needed them. And then they talked about the practice of gratitude. Bam! Exactly what I needed. I have so much to be thankful for. A husband who is happy to hold down the fort at home so I can go have a girlfriends weekend,

the ability to take time off to enjoy this, the space to create, the ability to charge my phone and stay connected online…. I have so much to be thankful for. And most of all, thankful for the wonderful 2 angels who came to me when I needed this reminder. Elizabeth and Marceline. Check them out.
And this is my sketch at the airport… Practicing side profile.

Don’t forget to practice gratitude every day❤️💖💜 have a fabulous day! 😘

I’ve learned that….

Having a blast this Sunday playing with my acrylic paint and mixed media supplies in my altered journal. Love making a big mess and not knowing what will turn up. Today my dreadlock friend turned up and brought with her a quote by Maya Angelou.

Very wise woman… Maya Angelou

I love dreadlocks….

Do what Queens do. Rule

I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones. Amidst all the nudity and gross scenes (and despite the fact that everyone eventually dies😫), lies a beautiful story of basic human instincts and desires. Now that the season is over and I have to wait A YEAR for the next season 😱, it’s time to do some painting of the characters. This one is of Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons. She has transformed so much… from a young scared little thing in the first season to a strong woman commanding lots of men and mother of dragons. I love her strength and also compassion. Love that this show features many strong female characters. Lots for me to paint!!!💃💃💃

And I just found out the actress playing her is fresh off from drama school. Wow, how lucky it is to get a gig like that fresh off from school?👍

Always wear your invisible crown


“Always wear your invisible crown”. I love this quote. Imagine how you would feel walking around with an invisible crown! I definitely need this on some days more than others:)

I had much fun painting this, indulging in my princess fantasy, playing with glitter and doodles.

If you would like to see a time lapsed video, check out my youtube video:


I hope you enjoy this! And ladies, don’t forget to wear that crown proudly!!!

You have enemies? Good.

When I learn something new, I get into obsession mode. Just learned how to make a video for YouTube and actually created a second video yesterday! It is addictive!!! I learned new editing skills, even added more captions this time.

I love this quote too. Reflects how I feel.. Yup, had to stand up for something last week and if I have an enemy now, so be it!💃💃💃 I also love this girl who has a plunging neckline and is a little badass:)

Also played with gold leaf paint, to add some glam:) a girl’s got to shine 😉

Check out my YouTube video for more process tips.


Let me know what you think:)


My very first YouTube Video!


Today is another first for me. My very first YouTube video of me painting a portrait!!! I cannot believe I actually did it! A few people have encouraged me to make videos to share my painting process and I said I would think about it, but I hesitated, not sure I could do it. There were so many unknowns and question marks. How would I video tape myself? what equipment? how would I set it up? wouldn’t it be stressful to paint while being taped? on and on.

But on this rainy day over the long weekend, I finally got my husband to help me set up my camera, and then I just went for it! I was a little self conscious being taped but after a while I got into the painting zone and forgot about the camera. I did make a mistake in the beginning…. thought it was taping, but it wasn’t (gasp!!). that’s ok, it’s my first one.

Then I had to figure out how to edit the video. But thanks to Google and YouTube, I figured it out!

I still can’t believe it! So proud of myself!

Here is the link if you would like to check it out. Again, I messed up the beginning, but most of the video is there. I even learned to add music to it!:) Hopefully I won’t get awful comments on my video… that’s ok, even if I did, I am still glad I gave it a try. Feels so good to learn something new!

I hope you will enjoy it:)


Strength surrounds me..

Painted this at the end of a very  tough week. 

My body began sending me signals that I was under severe stress. And I am proud of myself for listening to my body, acknowledging the need to relieve my stress, instead of my usual “suck it up, move on” mentality. I took the time to do yoga in the ams, despite being in a tiny hotel room:) and even did some meditation. I came across this youtuber Boho Beautiful and she had beautiful yoga sequence you can follow. I found this mantra in one of her meditation video and it really helped me through this week… Thank you Boho Beautiful…

Strength surrounds me

Love guides me

Peace fills me

Maybe this will help you too one day?

I went crazy with colors on this painting. Started with really sweet and pretty colors as I was feeling relieved and glad the long weekend is here. Then the painting took on a darker tone as the events of the week came to my mind. But I lightened things up and emerged happy and strong at the end. This is a good reminder to believe in my strength, my compassion and my ability to obtain peace.

To me, Art is truly the best form of therapy…