Ode to Maya Angelou

I love the words of Maya Angelou. They bring me hope, joy and inspiration. Given the craziness of this week, I needed to surround myself with her words and my favorite things… colors, flowers, hearts, doodles, butterflies, dragonflies… thank you Maya. 

Close up pics. Acrylic paint, molding paste, glitter, collage, doodles, stamp. 


I believe…

I believe in PINK. I believe in LOVE. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest. I believe that art isn’t paint. It’s LOVE. I believe that I CAN and I WILL. 

Mixed media painting in my altered book journal. Acrylic paint, molding paste, glitter glue, collage doodle, gesso and stamps. 

Here are some close ups. 


I used to be a shopaholic. Now I am a wanderluster. A collector of experiences, not things. Have always loved traveling. So much wonder in this wonderful world around us. So much to see, so little time… I am always thankful to be home after each travel. To recharge, to get ready to explore again. 

Mixed media page on my altered book art journal. Acrylic paint, ink and collage. 

Proud to be a woman 

Today is a historical moment. Thousands of women from all over the world came together to march, to let their voices be heard. I wasn’t able to attend the march but I was watching it all day on TV and through the posts from my friends on social media. Interestingly, I did not feel angry or frustrated at the end of the day. It was peaceful and importantly, it was inspiring to see so many strong women coming together, united, speaking out.

At the same time, I have not been painting for a while due to travels and family stuff. I was finally able to get a few minutes at my art table today and she popped up. I love her softness. But don’t underestimate her, she may look soft on the outside but she is strong on the inside. This girl will fight back when needed.

To all the women who marched today, I salute you and I am with you. I am proud to be a woman.

The ocean

It is January and I am already thinking of the ocean.

I love the ocean. It cleanses my soul. It is where I am the happiest and at peace.

This quote really spoke to me. The ocean is where I visit to find myself. To be myself.

Perhaps it’s time for a trip to the beach?

Watercolor painting. Trying to keep my paining loose.

Ready. Set. Go.

Last day of 2016. Glad it is coming to an end. While I am uncertain of what the future holds, a new beginning always bring new hope and inspiration. I am ready. Ready to live fully… Love boldly…Live from my heart.

Cheers to 2017! May it be a year filled with love, hugs, laughter, yoga, painting, dancing, sunshine, friendship, kindness, peace, inspiration, good reads, snuggles, magic, dreams, fine wine, fine company..