I am not beautiful like you…

First painting of this kind. Part of the “let’s face it” class I am taking. The eye patch looked weird to me but I am glad I tried it. It was fun. Mixed media: watercolor, acrylic, collage, stencils, marker. I love this quote. Reminds us not to compare with others.


Mothers. Daughters. Rebels. 

Practicing an older face. Thought of Meryl Streep in Suffragette. Wonderful movie❤️. She was my muse but this is by no means an exact portrait of her. Wish I can make her smile more😁 watercolor, stamps and collage (for lace). 

Sketch number 3 in Italy 

I was going through art withdrawal as I barely had any time to draw or paint during this Italy trip. Hence I took advantage of the train ride from Verona to Cinque Terre to do some sketching. While it was as easy to do that on a crowded train with people right next to me, it can be done. I just do my thing and for the most part folks just let me be. They may glance and check out that I’m doing, and that’s ok by me as I am just doodling away. It’s amazing how a little sketch can make me feel so much better and ready for the day! Paper and pencil, that’s all I need! 

Sketching my way through Italy 

Saw a flyer from a store this am with this cute little man on it. Decided to sketch it on my train ride from Venice to Verona. He just makes me smile, with his cool shades, cool hairdo and that turned up lips😍. Think I will be sketching my way around italy💃💃💃 have pencil and paper, will travel🌸

In the end, only three things matter…

Mixed media page. Practicing 3/4 face profile. The eye is tricky in this position. Not the best, but I am glad I tried. Keep practicing! And I love this quote, it’s not about how big your house is or how much money you have… It’s back to basics.. How much you lived, how gently you lived and his gracefully you let go of what is not meant for you… Yes👍

My day of Oops..


Decided to work on my altered journal today. After painting the background, I added a face to it. Decided to fix her nose with my eraser and lo and behold, this big blob appeared and would not go away! the more I tried to erase, the bigger it became!

Thanks to many helpful suggestions on the Facebook art group pages, I was reminded of the handy dandy gesso… and true enough it was fixed after a few layers of white gesso.

BUT as I worked on the face more, I notice more and more “bubbles” appearing (because I had glued the pages together to make each page thicker) and it just got worse with each layer. Finally decided to listen to what the page is telling me and abandon my plan. I drew another face on the left side and proceeded to gesso over the face on the right side. I hate those bubbles!


I am finally happy with the end result… sometimes, some things can’t be forced… just need to go with the flow, even if it means abandoning it sometimes.



Giving animals a go..

Though I love animals, i am just not good with painting or drawing animals..this is the one and only painting I’ve done, based on a reference from Pinterest, that I like. I admire people who can paint cute animals.. Glad I gave it a go. Still prefer painting faces:)