Sometimes that is all you can do. Trust. Embrace the uncertainty. Listen to your heart. Another alcohol ink piece. Ventured to a bigger piece of paper. A very relaxing process as you go with the flow. Literally😂 as the ink flows around. Thankful that the day is warming up. Was a torture doing this outside in the cold.


Giving thanks

2020 has been quite the year, putting all of us through the ringer. Yet there is still a lot to be thankful for. This is truly the year to be thankful for what we still have. Cheers to better times ahead!

I can’t help it!

I have been so enamored by alcohol ink painting that I have not done any face painting. And today I finally was able to combine my two loves – face and alcohol ink painting!

Definitely different due to the lack of control of alcohol ink. I had to approach it differently and be very careful in how I apply the paint/ink.

So this is my process. Let me know if you have any way to paint a face with alcohol ink! I would love to learn other ways!

First I start off with a drawing and then used masking fluid to mask away the areas I want to keep untouched. Then I let it dry for a day. The second day I added alcohol ink to the areas around her face.

More colors added

Actually I kinda like it like that. But that is not the point. So I rubbed away the masking fluid. It’s really hard to rub them off with rubber gloves on 😂

You can see the white areas for her eyebrow, eye, nostril, nose and lips

Then I painted her features with a paintbrush, alcohol ink and micron pen.

Yes she looks kinda cross😂 but I like how she turned out. Next time I will try and make her smile more.

I am happy with my first attempt. Alcohol ink is truly a magical medium. I love the organic look of the ink. The more I look at her the more I love it! Will practice more for sure!

What do you think?

My addiction

Perhaps the only way I can paint flowers…

Yes I am officially addicted. To alcohol ink painting. There is something exciting and thrilling about being a newbie, learning a new medium.

I have seen beautiful alcohol ink art on the web and admired the translucency and abstract nature of it. Reminded me of watercolor.

Decided to play with it and I have not been able to stop playing! I love the unexpected nature of it, the utter lack of control. Letting the ink and isopropyl alcohol take me to new discoveries.

Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But always a discovery. Letting go of the need to control and just be. Knowing that a wrong squirt of alcohol could ruin what I have and all you can do is start over. Just like life. You can always start over and you never know what beautiful discoveries lie ahead.

I love discovering colors through alcohol ink play. And sometimes I would accidentally come across a beautiful color combination, like what I did today. Not my usual but a pleasant surprise. Orange and gold.

A surprising color combination
Love the shimmering gold color

And sometimes, you need to know when to stop. Like this piece. I should have stopped but I kept going and ended up with this. A mess. 😂

Here are some other pieces I have created. Yes I have been creating like a mad woman … with her hair dryer😂

Do you see a bird?
Do you see a ballerina?

I am addicted

What do you see?

I love painting faces and will always go back to that. But I also like to dabble and learn new things. Keeps me inspired. And often it would be inspired by something. This time, I saw the work of Kate Morgan online and was blown away by how beautiful it is. Check her out if you have not And while chatting with her, she sent me a video from an alcohol ink artist, Zimino Art and I WAS HOOKED!!!!! I love how beautiful and soft the alcohol ink turned out.

And that begin my “addiction” this weekend.

So, to people who are not familiar with alcohol ink art, there are many good videos on YouTube you can check out. I used alcohol ink from Tim Holtz and the highest percentage Isopropyl Alcohol I got from CVS. You will need at least 91% to get that beautiful flow. You need to paint on non porous surface like yupo paper. Those can be expensive. So I paint on tiles from Home Depot. They are cheap and easy to clean. I reuse them. That way I don’t get too precious about what I made and feel free to experiment and make mistakes. Although I have to say I love this piece. May just keep it…

The thing I love about alcohol ink art is you never know what will happen. IT IS REALLY HARD TO CONTROL for a beginner. Which can be a lot of fun IF you are willing to go with the flow. I start by picking colors I like. Then a couple of drops of the ink on the tile, blow dry with hair dryer, then add the rubbing alcohol and PLAY! The rubbing alcohol and hair dryer moves the ink to get the beautiful streaks. Note: I use my hair dryer though I think a lower wattage heat gun would be easier to control the flow. Just ordered a 300 watt hear gun from amazon. Can’t wait to try with that!

And this is what I got. I was like – Ooh, I like it!

Then I added more drops, more rubbing alcohol, more hair dryer action and this happened. Now I am like, oh my I LOVE THIS! And now, the tough question, should I continue? What if I ruin it?…. gasp!

I couldn’t resist playing more… so I did! I do have a photo of it, so even if I ruined it, I can tell myself it LOOKED NICE BEFORE…lol.

The beauty of abstract art is you see what you choose to see in it. Here I see and angel, with her face on the left and her turquoise wings..

I continued playing…

The angel disappeared. I am okay with it. I LOVE THIS. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t care. I just LOVE it. I used a paintbrush and added some strokes on the side to complete it.

I am happy with this.

What do you think? Have you tried alcohol ink? What do you like about it?

Tears in my eyes, joy in my heart

I must have a premonition about today’s results. Played with these bright happy colors yesterday. And today is the perfect day to finish this…

Finally. Time to move forward. Heal. Come together. Work together to rebuild, repair. These tears are not just joy, also relief. But my heart of bursting with love and joy too.

Not meant to be a political post. A post about love.

Our three faces

The Japanese say we have three faces. The first one you show the world. The second one you show your friends and family. The third face, you never show anyone. The first reflection of who you are…. interesting quote that I came across. I wonder how many of us even know what our third face is like….picked three colors to represent the three sides of me… despite my best efforts to keep them separate, they flow and blend into each other. Which is not far from reality.

A messy beginning
Still messy but beginning to calm it down