All you need

Day 42/100 #100dayproject sometimes that is what you need, a little faith, trust and pixie dust… mixed media. It’s fun to work on my altered journal again. It’s been a while. Love being messy.


Celebrate LOVE

Day 41/100 #100dayproject Finally painted this. It was hard for me to stick with a limited color palette. Kept thinking something was missing. I think the white bubbles did it for me finally. Bubbles make everything better. Celebrate love everyday. 💕

Be You

Been distracted. Finally back at my art table. Day 38/100 #100dayproject not even half way there. Making and posting art for 100 days is a lot more challenging than I thought. But I will not let it stress me out. I have made it my own challenge anyway. I will take as long as I want 😂