Bad ass..

“They say God only gives us what we can handle. Apparently, God thinks I’m a bad ass”. Watercolor, ink and marker. First time I have ink sprayed all over the face. Felt like a bad ass right then!🤣


My foggy state of mind…

Runny nose, teary eyes, pounding headache, foggy mind… and this is my art to go with my current state of mind and health😂 i have to thank my body for waiting till i am home from travels before breaking down… was comforting to play with inks, watercolor and loose sketching. Kinda looks like how I feel🤣

Celebrate Crow’s feet

I recently came across a photo of a woman who has crow feet. I love how it added character to her face. I found that to be beautiful and tried to replicate it here. So cheers to crow feet. The stories told through our lines💃💃💃

also, can summer please be here now?!!