Savor the Moment

Being a multi tasker, I am guilty of not being present in the moment. Always trying to squeeze one more thing in. Trying to build in more savor the moment. She is a good reminder. Sometimes I just need to close my eyes and breath it all in… savor the moment.


Light and Dark

Sometimes i find it hard to do art when I am traveling. Tend to take a lot of photographs instead. Advantage of traveling with 2 teenagers is that they like to sleep in. Which gives me the quiet time in the am to do some art. I was able to finish up a piece I started before we came to Iceland. Added more contrast and a quote to it. Viola. Done.Watercolor and ink for quote.

Still I rise

Still I rise …. Maya Angelou. Started out as watercolor, then used color pencils to add layers to her hair. Then I could not decide what to do with the background, end up experimenting with watercolor, ink, acrylic, modeling paste,… ie the kitchen sink🤣 that’s why I love mixed media.. to cover up mistakes😉