Lady Edith..

lady edith2

It’s Sunday again… which means Downton Abbey time! This week, I decided to paint Lady Edith. Poor Lady Edith, she is often ignored and has such bad luck with love. I did not even notice her during the earlier seasons. It was really after she became a single mother and a business woman that I began to take notice of her and see something strong in her. One of my favorite quote of hers is “I can’t just lead one of those purposeless lives”. Bravo! What a novel idea, especially for rich ladies of that time. A good reminder to live a purposeful life! Painted with watercolor and lots of glitter:)


Push past the ugly phase..

I loved drawing since I was a little girl and I never wanted to paint or color them for fear of ruining them…

This happened when I started painting it… Yikes!!!!

She looked so ugly. Where is my pretty girl? She must be deep inside, I have to keep painting.. She will emerge somehow… She has to!!!

And she did! Goes to show that in art and in life, you have to have faith and push through. In art, that’s the ugly phase😉

What consumes your mind controls your life


Thanks to Winter Storm Jonas, Sat has been a blissful day of just creating…. hence, this avalanche of posts from me:) I have been sketching and painting faces and found myself itching to make something messy with mixed media and collage. So I did it. This face is painted with watercolor and the hair started with watercolor as a base, then acrylic, then collage, then ink, then stamps, I even stitched a broken butterfly wing from a Xmas ornament on the paper! Oooh, I LOVE mixed media. Oh, and not to forget the flower stencil with spackling paste! It was yummy messy fun! here is a close up of the hair.

mind close up

To be honest, I am not thrilled with the face. And I have difficulty with this kind of hairline, but can’t think of another way to do this… so, what the heck, the most important thing is, I had FUN! Love the unexpected nature of Mixed Media, you just don’t know what will turn up!

The Lovely Anna..


And yes, it will be Sunday tomorrow, ie Downton Abbey time! Time for another Downton Abbey painting. This time, it’s Anna, the maid. She is one of my favorite. Poor Anna, she is the sweetest thing and yet life has thrown her many many curve balls. That said, the love story she shares with Mr Bates is soooo sweet… This is one of my favorite quote of hers. It reminds me of my younger days when I was quite the tomboy and have been reprimanded a few times for not being ladylike. Wish I knew this quote at that time! “I am not a lady and I don’t pretend to be” YEAH, take that!

Time to chill and paint!

It’s a snowy weekend…as Winter Storm Jonas showers us with lots of white stuff. I know it can be a pain if it affects power, and some people can have cabin fever… but not me, I am loving it! I love snow, being from a tropical country (Singapore), I am still fascinated with snow (even after 20+ years in the USA). To me, snow is romantic and magical. It is beautiful outside with snow coming down and the reflection from the snow casts great lighting on my art table. Woo hoo, time to chill and paint!




Be fearless..

Another red head. She started out as a very boring looking girl with stiff hair. I did not like how she looked, decided to play with her hair using bold acrylic colors and I like the end result. She looks like she is on a mission. Played with dropping watercolor around her eyes. It’s a different look, trying to get used to it. Yes, be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire…

My first love…

I’ve always loved to draw. Since I was a little girl. I always drew faces of girls, especially the manga characters I was reading. There is just something about faces and eyes that I love. Last year, I experimented with paint and loving every minute of painting. This year, I decided to take an online class focusing on the face, “Let’s face it 2016” by Kara Strachan Bullock, and it has brought me back to my first love…drawing. The good thing about drawing is that it is fast and risk free – you can always erase if it doesn’t look right! What’s not to love about that?!! Here’s a quick sketch I did in less than an hour, before heading out to work. A great way to start the am!💃

My happy place..


As I get older, I seek less and less pleasure from material possessions. Don’t get me wrong, they still play a role in my life. They are just not THAT important anymore. In fact, I used to love shopping, now it’s just time away from my art table… Instead, my pleasure comes from simple things like a table, paper, paint and pencils. I can play with these simple tools all day long… There is something magical and satisfying about creating art, or just creating anything. Maybe it’s the transformation? I love how lines could turn into beings. Oh! And an extra bonus would be wifi and social media where I can connect with other like minded individuals… That makes me happy….