Feeling powerful

Have not painted for a week. So happy to be sitting at my art table again. Painting a different skin tone today. She reminds me of a woman with a loud mind but sits silently, smiling because she knows the truth will crush imposters around her. #feelingpowerful


Sometimes there are no words

Sometimes, there are no words to explain the shit that goes on in your mind and heart….. That’s when you paint….❤️

It’s the little things…

I’ve been so busy all weekend weeding, mulching and working in my garden. Barely had time to sit down at my art table. Only able to finish this tag that had been started a while ago. Mixed media, acrylic paint, collage, stamping, doodling. So glad spring is finally here and flowers are blooming. 🌸🌷🌺🥀🌼