Spring on a page

Played with colors to brighten up this wet and dreary day. Started with paint, then collage, including the use of scrap wine label, doodle and journaling. Colors make me happy💕❤️❤️ 

A delightfully chaotic mess 

It’s early morning on Saturday. The house is quiet, filled with the peaceful slumber of my loved ones. My perfect art moment. I usually warm up by tidying my messy art table from the night before, go over some of the old stuff that I either did not like or did not finish. This piece caught my eye. 

Painted her a few weeks ago when I was obsessed with Dr Ph Martin’s concentrated watercolors. But there was something about her I did not like. It was her face, it was very blue then and she looked like a corpse. The problem with blue on faces. I tried to tone it down with gesso but it did not work. 

Today I decided to paint more white gesso over her face, added flesh tones to give her life and then, the magic happened when I added pastels. The pastels softened her face, gave her a little pink tint and I also added some blue on her hair. She has come back to life! More importantly her face does not distract from the glorious messy colors on her hair anymore. 

Thank you pastels for saving her! She is a delightfully chaotic glorious mess, just like me and I love her just the way she is!

Now that I am warmed up, time to move onto a new painting! 

A proud moment…

I had an arduous journey home from San Francisco today but I made it… just in time to hang my art on a wall at Art Works Gallery, with a few of my art friends from the local art Meetup (aspiring artists of richmond). It was a proud moment to see my art hung on the wall at a gallery. I would not have dreamed of doing that a few years ago. Thanks to the encouragement of kind people everywhere, especially on Facebook, I have gathered the courage to do so. Those of you who live in richmond va, come on by to Art Works Gallery and check out our wall. Wall W, near the entrance of Plant Zero Cafe! 

The first piece is titled “Behind her eyes”. Watercolor

Second piece titled “be who U are”. Mixed media 

Flowers and gratitude 

“Flowers and gratitude”. I was away at a swim meet this weekend. And if any of you are swim parents, you would know that there is a lot of sitting and waiting. Luckily I brought a goodie bag along with watercolor, markers and was able to finish this piece. I started with my favorite part, the faces, first, then added the flowers and left the doodling for the last. This piece is inspired by a lesson from Life Book 2017, taught by the wonderful Tamara Laporte. Check her out! 

Starry starry night


Blue is one of my favorite colors. I always end up with blue in my palette. I love painting bold vibrant colors. This time, I wanted to go softer. I started with something really soft but kept feeling something was missing so I kept adding until I got here. Guess this is as soft as I can go:) She reminded me of the song Vincent… song of my youth. Loved singing it, especially at night, looking up at the night sky… starry nights are my favorite. Despite how many times I look up, I have yet to see a shooting star…. hopefully I will… one day:)

Here are some of my progress pics…