Feeling powerful

Have not painted for a week. So happy to be sitting at my art table again. Painting a different skin tone today. She reminds me of a woman with a loud mind but sits silently, smiling because she knows the truth will crush imposters around her. #feelingpowerful


Sometimes there are no words

Sometimes, there are no words to explain the shit that goes on in your mind and heart….. That’s when you paint….❤️

It’s the little things…

I’ve been so busy all weekend weeding, mulching and working in my garden. Barely had time to sit down at my art table. Only able to finish this tag that had been started a while ago. Mixed media, acrylic paint, collage, stamping, doodling. So glad spring is finally here and flowers are blooming. 🌸🌷🌺🥀🌼

Yup, I’m ready

Yup, I’m ready, she says. Number 3 of my boxing girl series. Practicing a new facial expression. Really struggled with this one. Still does not feel quite right, but i will let her be. Strength from within. You are ready girl🥊


Glad to be back at my art table after a crazy 24 hour trip to LA with my son to check out his potential college. Excited to use the new watercolor I just bought. Holbein crimson lake. Used it on her hair. Loving this color💃💃💃 decided to keep the color palette focused. And gave her the cute pair of eye glasses i spotted the other day. I love how her mouth is turned up. She seems to be pondering something…. hmmm…

Mary had a little lamb…

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb… 🎼🎼🎼 using pastel colors… pretending it’s spring.. Even if it is freezing outside😢 first time painting a lamb… think he turned out ok.. hopefully this brings a little dash of spring to you too😘❤️

Feeing strong.

Started my beautiful Sunday with an exhilarating boxing class. Today we actually paired up and did some boxing together. It’s even more fun with a partner! Helps to keep each other going.

After boxing, I worked in the yard shoveling and laying down mulch. Worked all pm. I am sore and tired. But also feeling strong. Like her. My second boxing girl.. think this is becoming a series😉

Dreaming of spring

It’s April. Which means it’s spring. I don’t care if it feels more like winter out there. In my art world, it’s spring 🌸🌹🌷🌱🌳 “Dreaming of spring”. Spring, a time of growth, birth, life. I am thankful. Combination of watercolor, ink and color pencil.

Strength From Within

SFW. Strength From Within. I finally finished painting her. Torn between leaving her unfinished versus finished. This is the problem when you like your work in progress too much. I was afraid of ruining my unfinished piece and overworking her. Maybe i did? But I still love her. Combination of watercolor painting and color pencil.