Be you, bravely

Three simple words. Not simple to do. I wonder if I truly know who I really am. We are molded by our experiences, the society we live in, the jobs we hold, the roles we play. When you are stripped of all that, do you know who you truly are? And have the courage to be that? Bravely and proudly. No apologies. Just accepting the beautiful unique you that you are… mixed media piece.

It is not about me

Sometimes it is not about me. It is not my fault, nor my responsibility. I have a tendency to take on everything. To think I have to solve every problem, be responsible. If things go wrong, it’s my fault. And often, it is not about me at all. Had to remind myself that I can help but don’t have to feel responsible for everything. I am not super woman. And no one expects me to be.

It is interesting how this page evolved.

This is how it started. Some ink play and a sketch
But when I started painting her in, I wasn’t happy with how she turned out
Now that I have nothing to lose, I let loose and go crazy with inks
Added scrap paper,modeling paste, thread, stamping,… mixed media fun.

Now I am happy…

Give me wings

I love to travel. To explore. To roam. This pandemic has been tough. Some days the feeling of being trapped overwhelms me. And with my family in singapore, the thought of not being able to visit is terrifying to me. Like the butterfly in the cage yearning to spread her wings outside… I will take it a day at a time… mixed media piece.


This was from a journal page done almost 10 years ago when we first moved to Richmond VA. Part of my art room cleaning today. So glad to still have my art journals to look back on… amazing what you can remember just by flipping through. Also interesting to see how my art has evolved… to all my girlfriends out there, you know who you are. Thank you and I love you.

Reykjavik Iceland

Reykjavik Iceland 2018. One of the best family vacations we have ever taken. Everything about Iceland is beautiful. Love this red building. The buildings there were all so colorful. A visual feast😊 my sketchbook is filling up!

Old Rag Mountain

I remember this day so clearly. One of the rare times when I convinced my kids that going outside for a hike would be a fun thing to do! We heard old rag mountain (Shenandoah National park) is cool so we did it! With no idea what the hike would entail 👀 this was the part of the hike when I was sure one of us would fall to our deaths and also when it became abundantly clear that I am officially the old lady in the family. They all looked after me and made sure I got to the other side in one piece. How the roles have flipped.. my kids are now the ones taking care of me.. hmmm… guess I will just enjoy and embrace it! Sketching my way down memory lane…