Embrace you, scars and all

I am a perfectionist. Sometimes I feel my portraits are too perfect. Decided to paint this one with a scar. It was not easy to add the scar to her face. But now that it’s on, I am proud of her. That scar told a story, proof that she was stronger than what or who tried to destroy her. Embrace you… scars and all.

Best travel companions

When you are stuck on an airplane for 9 plus hours, simple paper, pencil and pen are your best travel companions…

Practicing sketching and calligraphy. 2 in 1 😉

I finished her

A few weeks ago, I painted her but left her unfinished. Did not know if I should. She looked fine unfinished. So I left her alone. Today I decided to finish her. Viola, here she is. I love both versions. And blue is my favorite color. Fun to paint with one color.


“People may know your name, they do not know your story….” saw this quote today and it really spoke to me. Especially the part about taking people’s opinion of you with a grain of salt. Do what’s best for you. Not for everyone else. Yes! It’s taken me many many years but I think I am finally wise enough to know to take people’s opinion of me with a grain of salt. But I do need a reminder every now and then😂

A mixed media page with collage, stenciling with modeling paste, doodling with ink, acrylic paint, washi tape and sewing…

Never lose your childlike wonder

I had most interesting nature art experience today with Shay Wilson Art. We created art with no art supplies except what we can find in the park. I started trying to make a mandala.

But I soon realized that there is so much beauty in the nature around me. All I wanted to do was to accent the beauty with these porcupine looking things I found, to bring attention to nature’s beauty. Here are some of the pieces I found and accented.

Felt like a kid again picking up sticks and leaves and digging with my fingers.

This page is inspired by the childlike experience I had today. May we never lose our childlike wonder… and I promise myself I will do this more often, get out and explore, be a kid again.

It was also amazing to see what the other participants made. I love how we all approach this so differently. The diversity of art was inspiring.

There was a nut house

A nest

A wreath

And a few other zen pieces

Get out there and be a kid again!!!!

She is stressed

Stressful week. Painted her to relief stress. Think she look stressed too😂 she looks like she is trying to tell me something… not sure what it is yet…one day I will hear it… today I will just be thankful for art to help relax and relief stress…

Hello 2019

Hello 2019. I am ready for you. I am ready to jump in, go beyond my comfort zone, learn, feel, live, love, laugh. Life is unpredictable. I will make the most of this one precious life I have.


Best of 2018

As I looked through my art posts for 2018, I realized that this has been a year of branching out for me. I ventured beyond my comfort zone faces, and ventured into figure drawing , figure painting, painting animals, experimenting with colors and even tried painting 2 figures entwined in an embrace. Continued to play in my art journal and fell in love with a new medium pyrography. It has been a good year. Will continue to venture into new unknown territories while building on my faves… color and faces. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. May 2019 be a fruitful year for you too!


Smile. It is good for you. It’s free! And the world needs more of that.

Woke up with a migraine. Decided to do some sketching. It relaxes me. Saw this photo of this adorable old man on Pinterest. He made me smile the whole time I am sketching it.

Migraine gone!!!!

Smile. 😃😃😃