Snow queen…

Loved painting her. Watercolor with salt, splatters of acrylic paint, and loads of glitter. Wish you can see the glitter up close. It sparkles and twinkles in the light. Glitter makes me happy and I definitely glitterized her!😂😂😂 this is one of my favorite paintings… 


I can’t decide…

Painted her today (watercolor) starting with the one on the left. Then played with apps effects and created the one on the top right corner. Decided to add more drama to my girl and ended up with the one on the bottom right. 

Can’t decide which one do I prefer. 

Do you have a preference? 


It’s Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays. A day to count my blessings. A day to be grateful for what I have. 

With all the hype about the thanksgiving meal, I find myself stressing over the menu every year. And so far, we’ve never gotten it quite right. One year, my son told me (when I was stressing over the menu)…” mom, thanksgiving is about being together, not about the food.”… so true…

Yes, next year, we will go to a restaurant for thanksgiving meal😂😂😂

Watercolor painting with gouache for the black background and white acrylic paint for the stars. Love this quote by Jennifer Gayle. It’s all about perspective..

I am thankful. 

Happy thanksgiving! 

Tell your story 

Another fun day playing with mixed media in my altered journal.  Given the color palette, I must be dreaming of spring!…

This is a 2 page spread. I started with slapping some acrylic paint on my book. 

Then collage and stencil. Glitter and doodle. 

And a quote. TELL YOUR STORY.

“It’s important that we share our experiences with other people. Your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else. When you tell your story, you free yourself and give other people permission to acknowledge their own story. -Lyanla Vanzant

So true. 

Put on some lipstick… 

Had another watercolor fail, so I decided to gesso over the page and go crazy with mixed media instead. 

To me, this seems like a crazy page, no rhyme or reason. I started by trying to cover up a girl I did not like. Gesso, then a picture of a sofa from a catalogue, followed by a name card from a restaurant in New York. And then it’s just play. Scrap paper here and there. 

There was an empty spot, so I decided to add an eye to the spot. Followed by another eye and then her lips. Viola, a face emerged. Guess I kinda like faces too much.. they just appear..

Kinda weird but I love it for some strange reason ❤️❤️❤️

May the wind always be at your back…

The past week has been tense. It’s time to take a deep breath… and let it all go… I saw this woman on a catalogue and I loved her expression. The wind on her back.. I can imagine how soothing and free that gentle caress feels…

I found this quote to go with it. It is by Jasmeine Moonsong(what a pretty name), a take on a traditional Irish blessing. I loved it.

So, for my friends…

May you always feel the sun shining warm upon your face.

May the wind always be at your back.

May the love always burn bright within your heart.

Watercolor painting with collage for her dress. I used gouache for the red background as I wanted it to be a little opaque and very vibrant. Love the effect. 

Happy Sunday! 


Sketched this on the train ride home from NYC. Saw this girl on Pinterest and it reminded me of my daughter when she was little. 

NO. She would say. And I had to try not to laugh. She looked so cute. Why can’t teenagers be cute like that when they argue with us? 

Another facial expression practice. 

Fight for what you believe in 

They say there are 5 stages of grieving. I am at the 6th… accepting but fighting for what I believe in. Justice. Equality. Kindness. Respect. Humility. 

Sketched her on the train on my way to NYC. Wish I have her buff arms😂😂😂

Love revolution 

I am tired of all the hate talk. Enough is enough. I don’t want to live like this. Wondering who supported who. Having people trying to point the finger at the other side or defending their side. We are all in the same boat now. If it sinks we all sink with it. Let’s work together to make it float.

As usual, I was browsing on Pinterest lying in bed in the am and I saw an interesting graffiti art that spelled revolution with LOVE highlighted within it. Something sparked in me. I am ready for a love revolution! Yes, I know it sounds corny but I would rather choose love than hate. I believe love will help us rise above it all. And it can start with each one of us. No one man can change who we are. 

Hence I painted her, using Katniss from hunger games as my muse, added love wings on her back and a quote I found “Loving in the time of hate is a revolutionary act”. 

This is an acrylic painting with watercolor, pastel and collage.

Here are some progress pics.