Just be you.

Decided to go loose today. No reference photo, just started drawing eyes, nose and mouth. Then played with colors all around. It was fun, free and loose. And I like how it turned out. Will do more💃💃💃

I just don’t care. 

Saw a reference photo on Pinterest  of a girl with this expression and it screams “I’m bored” or “I don’t care”! Sometimes I wish I can just say this out loud for things I really don’t care but have to pretend I do…watercolor and collage. 

Art reveals who we are..

Practicing another side profile, this time a male face. Started with watercolor, than moved into mixed media with all sorts of things piled on. Love the randomness and freedom of mixed media. This quote speaks to me.. I find pieces of me in my art and love how I can express myself through my art… What about you? 

Don’t wait for the perfect moment

Practicing side profile face. Loved playing with collage for her hair (think I am obsessed with this technique now). Picked this quote to remind myself not to wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect!💃💃💃 watercolor, collage, stencils. 

Some sketching to restore me

Have been on the road and not able to do much painting. I was able to do some sketching at the airport and plane yesterday. Feeling much better now… Realized I need some form of art everyday to keep me balanced. In this sketch, I tried to draw her facial features without the use of a ruler and I struggled. Her features kept getting wonky and unbalanced… Next time I will use a ruler…

Never apologize for your selfie 

Frida Khalo is a fascinating artist. She once said that she was her own muse as she spent a lot of much by herself and would know the subject next. Guess that makes her a pioneer in the use of selfie?😀 watercolor, collage and stamps.