I am an artist. 

“I am an artist. Driven by passion. Seized by obsession. Delighted by creation. Enthralled by expression. Entranced by vision. Diverted by daydreams. Filled with emotions. Fueled by compassion. Consumed by beauty and blindsided by. Inspiration. Welcome to my mind.” Yup, that sums up who I am😊 #teresalowart

Learning something new

YouTube has always been my go to for tutorials. Lately I have been struggling to find good tutorials on YouTube. And then I came across a video from a watercolorist about a new learning platform, skill share.

Decided to check it out, especially since they had a special going on now. I was excited to find many many tutorials in there! 

I watched a tutorial from Ana Victoria Calderon and learned to create patterns and texture with watercolor. Decided to give it a try on my portrait painting. 

I experimented with a few things here. Firstly, darker skin tone. The pose. The texture on the background, the whale and also her hair. 

Really excited about how she turned out! I am really digging this new technique of creating new textures and patterns. Will do it again.. and again!