Everything you need is already inside you 

Have been obsessed with elephants recently and took a break from painting faces. I am back.

This time, I decided to experiment with combining 2 of my favorite things. Face and butterfly. My first butterfly. I am happy with how it turned out. 

Remember to look within. Everything you need is already inside you…

I will always be here for you…

I am fascinated with elephants. This is my second painting of them. The more I learn about them, the more I admire and love them. They have the largest brain of any land animals, which make them highly intelligent but also emotional. The bond they have with their tight knit group of family members is admirable. It’s how I feel about mine. With Mother’s Day coming up, I can’t help but feel all  sorts of emotions towards my young ones, towards being a mother. 

To my little ones, I promise you this… I will always be here for you. Like an elephant….