Live, Laugh, Love

Sometimes we have to wait for the right inspiration to finish off a painting. Like tonight.

Decided to dig up some of my older unfinished pieces and came across this mixed media painting that i felt was missing something. A picture of a little girl with angel wings caught my eye and I knew it belonged there. And to finish it off, I included the quote on Live, Laugh, Love.

Viola, it’s finished. Some things can’t be rushed. When it’s time, you will know. And I know this piece is finished now. I think it applies to life too. Sometimes we just have to wait.

Sometimes there is no word…

Practice facial expression tonight. Saw this expression on Pinterest and it just make me laugh. Sometimes that is how I feel. While I may not feel this way tonight, I wanted to see if I could paint this expression. I like it. It makes me chuckle. But for the life of me, I could not find any words to go with it… can you think of any?

I still believe 

A sketch done on the eve of my birthday. It is also the eve of the one year anniversary of when the unthinkable happened. The election results of 2016. Unfortunately my birthday will always remind me of that dark day. But I still remain hopeful. I still believe in the good of people. In the strength of love, the power of hope. #istillbelieve