Live your dream

Abstract painting is truly a journey for me… where I have no idea where I am heading and layer after layer, the paint leads me there… it is a journey of discovery, of faith and of courage. This time I ended up with the word Dream. Mixed media in my altered book.


Ready to have some fun!

Feeling mischievous tonight 😉 painted with alcohol ink. Getting the hang of it now and feeling more relaxed. Kinda like the bottom part, like a blouse for her. She is ready to have some fun in the new year💃💃💃 painted on the back of photo paper. I painted her first using a paint brush and alcohol ink. Then added details with micron pen. Felt she was too stark without a background. Added the background using the rocket blaster and hair dryer.

My magical feather

I am addicted to my feather😂 and I found a way to do quick paintings on my stack of deli paper I bought years ago. Fast, loose and fun! Just ink, gesso and some acrylic paint. And a feather to paint the face! Maybe I will glue them on my journal….

Big. Going Big.

I am working big. Much bigger than I normally do. And trying to keep it abstract. We will see if I can resist putting a face in there 😂 it is quite an experience going so big. Very different way of creating. To me it is more difficult. Have to think bigger. But I am getting the hang of it. Had to step away a few times. This is a book I bought from The Strand book store in nyc. Big book. And I glued some pages together and gessoed it. The paint is working quite well on it. Look forward to more abostarct painting for me. Very therapeutic when you are just playing with paint.

Very heavy book!

I am ready!

It’s 2021!!! A new year and a new beginning for me. I left a wonderful company I have been with for the last 6 years, following my heart and passion and joining a new company. I am excited about what the future holds but as always, feeling bittersweet about leaving. I am proud of what I have accomplished and contributed, and grateful for what I am taking with me. Meaningful connections, learnings, and a heart full of gratitude. I am sad to leave. But I am also ready. So ready for my next chapter. Cheers to 2021!!! Alcohol ink on back of photo paper. Being bold, not being precious about where the ink flows. Just going with the flow. It is liberating. I feel free and strong!!!!