Dance through life

I love to dance. The moment when you lose yourself to the music and just let the music move your body….nothing else matters. You let go and feel the music. No thinking needed. Just feeling. Wish I could dance through life.. about this piece. a while ago, I played with some spray inks and gauze on a piece of paper. Left the piece for a while until I saw a card with these girls dancing. Loved how the colors matched my background. Started collaging and then went from there to this… that’s what I love about mixed media. You never know where it will take you and you may have to walk away for a few days, a few months, before something will click. And this one clicked….in the end.

Life is fragile

Taking an online class by Ivy Newport, sacred landscapes. Learning landscape, abstract and figurative work. My first piece. Ivy’s piece is the blue one. Really enjoyed it. Ivy is a fantastic artist and a great teacher. I decided to add this to my mixed media journal, giving it a mixed media twist. Also added some wordings I found from Pinterest that really spoke to me. How fragile life is, we are. One moment can alter who we are forever.

Savor the Moment

Being a multi tasker, I am guilty of not being present in the moment. Always trying to squeeze one more thing in. Trying to build in more savor the moment. She is a good reminder. Sometimes I just need to close my eyes and breath it all in… savor the moment.

Light and Dark

Sometimes i find it hard to do art when I am traveling. Tend to take a lot of photographs instead. Advantage of traveling with 2 teenagers is that they like to sleep in. Which gives me the quiet time in the am to do some art. I was able to finish up a piece I started before we came to Iceland. Added more contrast and a quote to it. Viola. Done.Watercolor and ink for quote.

Still I rise

Still I rise …. Maya Angelou. Started out as watercolor, then used color pencils to add layers to her hair. Then I could not decide what to do with the background, end up experimenting with watercolor, ink, acrylic, modeling paste,… ie the kitchen sink🤣 that’s why I love mixed media.. to cover up mistakes😉