Are you kind to yourself?

I painted this yesterday and really felt vulnerable sharing it. As I thought it was terrible. And I am a terrible landscape painter.

Heard from lots of people on Facebook.. all encouraging and also a good reminder of why I paint and how I should speak to myself.

So I decided to paint again. This time I am just going to enjoy it. And acknowledge that I still have a lot to learn. But I will not apologize for my work or say I am terrible. Practice practice practice…

While I acknowledge I still have lots to improve, I am proud of myself for not giving up. And for being kind to myself.

Are you kind to yourself?

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Those eyes

Queen’s Gambit. Love that show and that actress! Can’t stop staring at her face the whole time. Those eyes!!!! She looks almost like an anime character with those large eyes.. so fun to paint…

Thankful for art

Finally squeezed some time out to paint. I forgot just how good it feels to just focus on the flow of the ink, the details of the eye, the nose, the lips… so relaxing. Resting my brain… So thankful for art 🙏

Time flies

A very special birthday to my boy. Can’t believe he is 21 years old. So proud of the man he is growing up into. I ask myself every year, where did all the years go by? Felt like it was only yesterday when he was this little… holding my hand with his little hand…. a good reminder to enjoy the present. Because I know I will be asking myself the same question next year…

The light

Another fun day playing with mixed media and collage. Started playing with acrylic paint on the background. Then cut a girl out of magazine. Gesso, paint and modeling paste for her skirt. I think she is in paradise.. her very own.

Started with this background
Glued a magazine cut out on page and drew in her skirt
Modeling paste for her skirt and added some line drawing of door and railing for her

Magic is in the mess

Before and After. I love the unknown possibility of every mixed media piece. Layer by layer, magic unfolds itself to me. “Magic is in the mess” Brene Brown. Collage and mixed media. Love playing with modeling paste on her blouse. I love this grungy girl.

Just keep going

The evolution. Love mixed media play. Layers and layers of fun. Love using modeling paste for her long skirt. Inspired by Kate Morgan and her lovely skirts.

This is how it started
Added a cut out from magazine
Love playing with texture for her skirt