Messy play

Mixed media play in my scrappy journal. Glue in my fingers, paint on my hands and clothes, scraps of paper and fabric everywhere..The best way to start the weekend. Happy Saturday 💃💃💃

I am enough

Playing in my art journal tonight. Reminding myself that I am enough. Stay true to who I am. Mixed media with collage, acrylic paint, fabric, doodle and stenciling.

Hugs please

From painting human faces to dogs.. and now kitty cats… It’s good to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I love her eyes…seem to say “hugs please” to me. What about you?

Colors make me happy

Took a break and decided to play in my journal today. Got my hands covered with paint and glue. I love peeling glue off my fingers..

love messy play. A good break from pairing faces and puppies😊

Puppy love

One of my favorite dog breed. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Fell in love with them while staying at a good friend’s home. I am loving painting dogs 🐶. Especially their fur… very relaxing…

If only people had hearts like dogs…

I used to be afraid of dogs. Was chased by many stray dogs. I think they smelled fear😳 Since volunteering at a local dog shelter, I have come to realize why people say dogs are men’s best friend. Especially the big dogs.. they are the sweetest. Besides painting human faces, dogs are now my next favorite thing to paint. I love this dog’s eyes. So innocent and goofy… and yes i wish humans have hearts like dogs. The world would be a much better place…