Fly to me

Day 53/100 #100dayproject on a roll. Still playing with inky background and then letting it speak to me. Combining my love for drawing and playing with watercolor ink. In this case, I made a blotchy red ink patch and decided to stencil half a wing. And that led to this angel. Fly away angel…

Inky play

Day 52/100 #100dayproject I am back to my art table. On a roll now. Again using a scrap piece of paper with some ink splotches on it. Decided to practice sketching with just ink pen. This is one of my favorites. Fun drawing the flowers. Can’t wait to do more!

Scrappy art

Day 51/100 #100dayproject rummaged through my pile of unfinished art and found this piece that only had ink splatters on it. Decided to play with some collage with scrap paper leftover and added this girl to the page. A true scrap page😂 I am happy how it turned out. Very satisfying when I can use up scrap stuff to make art. Scrappy art💃💃💃

A colorful life

Day 48/100 #100dayproject Summer is a state of mind… playing with colors today. Wishing summer would last a little longer. Painted her without any background color. Thought she looked too stark. A lot happier now that I exploded color around her😋

All you need

Day 42/100 #100dayproject sometimes that is what you need, a little faith, trust and pixie dust… mixed media. It’s fun to work on my altered journal again. It’s been a while. Love being messy.

Celebrate LOVE

Day 41/100 #100dayproject Finally painted this. It was hard for me to stick with a limited color palette. Kept thinking something was missing. I think the white bubbles did it for me finally. Bubbles make everything better. Celebrate love everyday. 💕

Be You

Been distracted. Finally back at my art table. Day 38/100 #100dayproject not even half way there. Making and posting art for 100 days is a lot more challenging than I thought. But I will not let it stress me out. I have made it my own challenge anyway. I will take as long as I want 😂

This is why I paint

Day 35/100 #100dayproject there is something very satisfying about painting a face. In the beginning it looks awful, but you focus on enjoying the process of adding layer after layer and suddenly, she emerges. With her own story to tell. Often it’s what I could not express from within in words. This is why I paint.


I have not posted here for a while….

Decided to do this 100 day art challenge. Loosely defined as doing 100 days of art making.

Here is day 1.

Sometimes your heart just needs more time to accept what your mind already knows… author unknown. Day1/100 days of art

Embrace you, scars and all

I am a perfectionist. Sometimes I feel my portraits are too perfect. Decided to paint this one with a scar. It was not easy to add the scar to her face. But now that it’s on, I am proud of her. That scar told a story, proof that she was stronger than what or who tried to destroy her. Embrace you… scars and all.