Happy little accidents

Mistakes, we all make mistakes. Part of growing and learning. But as Bob Ross like to say, they are not mistakes, just happy little accidents. I made one today with the accidental blob of black paint next to her hair. So many people provided suggestions on how to work with this. Thank you! Decided to listen to some of the suggestions, and used it to make a starry night background. You can’t even see the blob now. And it gave her the background she needs. A starry night where she is looking to what the future may hold.

I burned wood!!!

I burned wood!!!! Yes I did! Decided to try a new form of art. Wood burning. Wasn’t easy at first, you can see my progression from the one at the top to the eyes at the bottom. Still a lot to learn but so proud that I made something by burning wood!!! The smell of burning wood is soooooo good!!! Given how much of a klutz I am, hope I don’t burn myself or things around me🤣 now to learn how to shade….

Face with a story to tell

Saw a photo of Meryl Streep and it really intrigued me. The lines on her face, her slight frown,… it’s a face that has a story to tell. As I paint this face, I wonder what her story is, why is she frowning, … and I admire how gracefully she ages. Wonder if I would be so kind to myself when I see lines on my face….

Watercolor painting

Starting over

Sometimes you just need to start over. And on better paper… I painted the second lady on a weird paper pad from strathmore. Really did not like what I saw and could not fix her. Decided to start over on another paper pad. This time so much better. Sometimes it is good to let it go and start over. Like in art and in life. Watercolor and collage for her blouse.

Dance through life

I love to dance. The moment when you lose yourself to the music and just let the music move your body….nothing else matters. You let go and feel the music. No thinking needed. Just feeling. Wish I could dance through life.. about this piece. a while ago, I played with some spray inks and gauze on a piece of paper. Left the piece for a while until I saw a card with these girls dancing. Loved how the colors matched my background. Started collaging and then went from there to this… that’s what I love about mixed media. You never know where it will take you and you may have to walk away for a few days, a few months, before something will click. And this one clicked….in the end.

Life is fragile

Taking an online class by Ivy Newport, sacred landscapes. Learning landscape, abstract and figurative work. My first piece. Ivy’s piece is the blue one. Really enjoyed it. Ivy is a fantastic artist and a great teacher. I decided to add this to my mixed media journal, giving it a mixed media twist. Also added some wordings I found from Pinterest that really spoke to me. How fragile life is, we are. One moment can alter who we are forever.