My latest obsession

A few days ago, I chanced upon a boxing class at the gym and thought why not, let’s give it a go! The minute I put on the boxing gloves, I felt transformed. Felt like a bad ass, a strong woman. It felt awesome! And when I start punching the bag,… bamm, it felt great! Especially since I had a face in mind 😂😂😂

Since i like to paint my obsessions, i decided to paint a boxing girl tonight. This is my work in progress. Drawing a figure and a profile face are both not easy for me. Took me many tries and erasing to get to this point. I definitely need more practice. But I am liking how buff she looks😉 and btw, I am aching like hell today from the boxing class. Could barely pull up my pants today 😂😂😂


In a purple kind of mood

In a purple kind of mood tonight. Love playing with ink and watercolor. Also added some stenciling with modeling paste.

I feel like she is saying.. go ahead, try me… sometimes I feel like that…

Believe in myself

A few days ago, I made this sketch. I loved how she turned out. And I was afraid of painting on it for fear of ruining her. It was this fear that stopped me from painting when I was much younger.

After I posted it on social media, I received many encouraging comments from friends to go ahead and paint her. Some suggested making copies of it.

Today, I decided to break through my fear and took out my paint palette and painted her.

The colors were an experiment. Wasn’t sure how she would turn out. But layer after layer, she began to emerge. And I love her. While I still love my original sketch, I love this painted version as well.

Glad I believed in myself and gave it a go. Also thankful for all my friends on Facebook whose encouragement really helped.

Bad ass..

“They say God only gives us what we can handle. Apparently, God thinks I’m a bad ass”. Watercolor, ink and marker. First time I have ink sprayed all over the face. Felt like a bad ass right then!🤣

My foggy state of mind…

Runny nose, teary eyes, pounding headache, foggy mind… and this is my art to go with my current state of mind and health😂 i have to thank my body for waiting till i am home from travels before breaking down… was comforting to play with inks, watercolor and loose sketching. Kinda looks like how I feel🤣

Celebrate Crow’s feet

I recently came across a photo of a woman who has crow feet. I love how it added character to her face. I found that to be beautiful and tried to replicate it here. So cheers to crow feet. The stories told through our lines💃💃💃

also, can summer please be here now?!!

It’s ok to look ridiculous

Sometimes it’s ok to look ridiculous, as long as it makes you happy…. I painted her and decided to put a big rose on her head. Struggled with it for a while because i thought she looked kinda ridiculous. Finally decided to just let her be. She is happy to have the rose on her head. That’s what matters. Even if it looks ridiculous 🤣🤣🤣