Make today magical 

Make today magical. No ifs or buts. Just make the most of everyday. Treat each day like a gift. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Or if there will even be a tomorrow. I know this sounds morbid, but there is truth in it. I know of people who pass away unexpectedly, people who lose something precious to them in a blink of an eye… our time on earth is temporary. Don’t take things for granted. Make everyday count.

This page was inspired by a picture of a garden setting in a catalogue. I love everything about it. I can look at that image and just go to my happy place.

Mixed media page with collage, modeling paste and stencil, acrylic paint, doodle with markers and gel pens.


Dreaming of Squam Lake

Four years ago, I stumbled across an art retreat called Squam art workshop. Watched a video on the website and was convinced I have to go. I did and it changed me. It is where I go to be who I truly am. No titles, no baggage…just me. It is where I meet my tribe. People who love to make things, create art, just like me. It is a place where magic happens, when you dip your feet in the Squam lake, or just sit by the dock listening to the loons.

This year I attended spring Squam. I will miss Fall Squam, which begins tomorrow. I will miss my fellow squammies and wish them a magical week ahead. I will watch for all the posts from Squam this week, hoping to live vicariously through them.

In the meantime, here is my homage to Squam. A place where I go to find my tribe. A place where magic happens.

Thank you Elizabeth Duvivier for everything.


I felt compelled to paint this today..

We will never forget what happened today 16 years ago. We will never forget the loved ones and innocent people who were taken from us. We will never forget how we came together as one people, standing together in love, unified and resilient.

We will #neverforget.

RIP my friend.

When I created this page, I had no idea where it was going. It started as a do-over of a page I did not like. I added more and more layers of gesso, paint and collage and still I had no idea where it was going. I collaged the owl, rose and butterfly, and was stuck. Not sure how to proceed. Then my favorite wings stencil caught my eye and I decided to add it as a focal point.

Usually at this point, the page will “tell” me what is it about. In this case, I still had no idea. So I left it alone.

Until today.

Today, I received news of the passing of a friend, a sweet and beautiful soul I met at an art retreat a few years ago. She was one of the few people I met and we just clicked. She was sweet and kind … a quiet soul that was unassuming. We have been meaning to go back to the art retreat together but life got in the way and that did not happen. This year we thought we would do it but she had to pull out due to a surgery she has to undergo. Little did I know that her cancer was so serious…. sadly, she lost her battle to cancer today.

With a heavy heart, I wanted to sit at my art table and then, it happened. It all clicked.

I knew why I created this page. It was meant for her. I did not know it when I started the page but now it is crystal clear.

This is for you, Kelly Jones. May you Rest In Peace and be surrounded by angels. For you are one yourself.

love always, your friend, Teresa.

Cherish every cuddle…

When I make art, I aim for something beautiful. Something that pleases the eye. Today, I let that go. The need to create something beautiful. Instead, I used art to help me process my feelings. A true journal page.

This was inspired by a picture of a baby in a flower bed. Probably Anne Geddes? The baby looks so sweet and tender. Cocooned in the flower bed… So safe so precious. I thought of my babies. When they were this little.

Now they are teenagers. One can’t wait to leave home for college next year, the other going through the rebellious stage where everyday feels like a test of my patience. I tell myself, this too shall pass.

Letting go is so hard. So so hard. Sometimes I feel like my heart is breaking, thinking of them leaving home…

This poem is bittersweet..and so true…cherish every cuddle, remember them all, because one day mommy, I won’t be this small….

Always trust your inner goddess

We are all goddesses, in our own special way. Just need to trust her. Something I believe in and still learning to do. Having a teenage daughter is a constant reminder of how important this is. Teen years are so hard, the insecurity, the need to be accepted, to fit in. Thankfully it gets better with age…

Watercolor painting. Think she looks a little different from my usual paintings… a touch of anime? Painted her with no reference. Must be my muse speaking to me😉

Bigotry thrives on silence. Speak up!

The recent tragic event in Charlottesville rocked the core of my being. I cannot believe it happened.. in this day and age…. in this wonderful country I call home.

I have never felt afraid being a minority here. On the contrary, I have always been grateful for the opportunities I have been given. And felt welcomed here. To be clear, I work hard and proud of the life I have been able to build.

I am shocked and sad to see bigotry rear its ugly head more and more boldly these days. We seem to have taken so many steps backwards.

That said, I am also inspired by the people speaking up against it. Bigotry thrives on silence. We have to speak up!
We are better than this. We can fight this! With love, not hate. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Butterflies fascinate me. They are so beautiful and delicate. You would never have known that they emerge from caterpillars and have to go through such hardship to transform to what they are. Thank you nature for your inspiration and lesson.

Mixed media page in my altered book. Collage, acrylic paint, stencil, molding paste and doodling.