Love casts out fear

… for love casts out fear and gratitude can conquer pride – little women. Words of wisdom that still ring true after more than 150 years.

10 words. Seem so simple yet so powerful and meaningful. Thankful for writers like Louisa May Alcott.


Resilience. These are stressful times. We are all affected in similar and different ways. Also shows the resilience in mankind. We keep going. Life throws us punches, we pick ourselves up and keep going. That is life.

Beach girl

Have not painted all week. Despite bringing a big bag of painting supplies with me to the beach. 😂 Good to be home and painting again..: still dreaming of the beach… and PS, I did try to paint with the emergency paint brush I got from the dollar store… it was ok, but too stiff for my liking..

Artist nightmare

Ok what is an artist’s biggest nightmare? Going for a week long vacation with all her art supplies EXCEPT FOR HER PAINT BRUSHES!!!!! The horror!!!! Luckily we spotted a dollar general and managed to grab some cheap brushes. Otherwise I was going to have to pick up sticks and improvise. Bet the effects would be very very different 😂😂😂 cheap brushes are better than none. We’ll see what comes of it. And by the way, yes I thought of amazon but it will take them five days to deliver them to me!!!!😱😱😱 and yes, I cannot imagine not painting for a whole week!!!!!!

Have you ever encountered that?

Be you, bravely

Three simple words. Not simple to do. I wonder if I truly know who I really am. We are molded by our experiences, the society we live in, the jobs we hold, the roles we play. When you are stripped of all that, do you know who you truly are? And have the courage to be that? Bravely and proudly. No apologies. Just accepting the beautiful unique you that you are… mixed media piece.

It is not about me

Sometimes it is not about me. It is not my fault, nor my responsibility. I have a tendency to take on everything. To think I have to solve every problem, be responsible. If things go wrong, it’s my fault. And often, it is not about me at all. Had to remind myself that I can help but don’t have to feel responsible for everything. I am not super woman. And no one expects me to be.

It is interesting how this page evolved.

This is how it started. Some ink play and a sketch
But when I started painting her in, I wasn’t happy with how she turned out
Now that I have nothing to lose, I let loose and go crazy with inks
Added scrap paper,modeling paste, thread, stamping,… mixed media fun.

Now I am happy…