Is it conceited to praise yourself?

 Sometimes (and often) when I approach a drawing or painting, I doubt myself. Can i actually make something beautiful? Is this too hard for me? With more practice, I have learned that sometimes, the only way to do it is to take a leap of faith. And just do it. This is what I did with this drawing. I took a leap of faith and I love what turned up! I love her! I was so proud of this that I went around showing my family what I did. Is that conceited? I don’t think so… What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Is it conceited to praise yourself?

  1. jangieri says:

    She is beautiful! There would be something wrong if you didn’t love her! It’s a wonderful feeling when you can honestly look at your work and say, I did pretty darn good! Some things I paint I really don’t like very well, others I do. I don’t hesitate in saying so…..I just appreciate you sharing your creations with us. Job well done! Blessings, Joyce


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