My new love – Absorbent Grounds!


I am in LOVE with using absorbent grounds on collaged background!!!! This is my second piece and love how i can get the stained effect with watercolor and the background comes through the piece. Also learned to use color pencils with it (I never did that before!).

First I glued pieces of paper I love, choosing colors and pattern that seems to go together. Also added washi tape, which I love!


Then I added some paint to pull the background together.


Added a drawing of a face.


Then I painted the absorbent ground on the page, and let it dry completely. VERY important to let it dry completely. After the layer of absorbent ground is dried, I painted the face with watercolor. I love the staining effect when the watercolor is applied on the surface primed with absorbent ground – it also forces me to be less perfect and I love the painterly effect. Also used color pencils after that to add more dimensions on top. Viola! Love this process, will practice more with it!



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