The language of scars and bruises 

I came across a very intriguing poem the other day on Pinterest by e.h. It talks about the language of scars and bruises and how we should be proud of them and see them as stories. And to find someone with the faith and love to decipher each and every one of them. How thought provoking… Especially in our world of pics that are photoshopped to look perfect. I am made of scars and bruises, some visible some not. I am proud of them. They make me who I am. And they tell my story… Decided to fill her hat with this poem. See if you can read it😉


2 thoughts on “The language of scars and bruises 

  1. Gina Meadows says:

    Just discovered you and love your work. Your use of thought-provoking, affirming words is something I am striving to incorporate in my own attempts at creativity! You inspire me!


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