Here goes nothing…

  I posted this sketch on Facebook and asked for suggestions on hair color. I received many wonderful suggestions. And funny enough, the choices actually paralysed me for a while as u could not decide which way to go. I finally decide to just go for it and see what happens. 

I starred with light gray and purple 

But I felt it was too cold…ski decided to add more colors to it… Pink! 

The colors felt better but I was still not feeling I thought, as my favorite eyes! But now she looks like a crazy woman😱

 I was frustrated but I thought, what the heck, I have to keep going. The worst that can happen is I start all over. Not the end of the world. So I worked and worked on it until my daughter came in and said,”she looks like a rocker”.. And viola, I thought, that’s it!💃💃💃 a rocker chick😉

I added this quote to remind myself of this process and how I worked through my hesitation and just did it. And it could be the start of me painting rocker chicks💃💃💃


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