Downton Abbey withdrawal 

Can’t believe Downton Abbey has ended.. .Going through withdrawal. Painting always help. So here goes…


The language of scars and bruises 

I came across a very intriguing poem the other day on Pinterest by e.h. It talks about the language of scars and bruises and how we should be proud of them and see them as stories. And to find someone with the faith and love to decipher each and every one of them. How thought provoking… Especially in our world of pics that are photoshopped to look perfect. I am made of scars and bruises, some visible some not. I am proud of them. They make me who I am. And they tell my story… Decided to fill her hat with this poem. See if you can read it😉

Encouragement comes from within..

Saw a quote the other day about what we can do from within.. It’s a good reminder for me who tends to be my own worst critic. I can compliment me, celebrate me and  encourage myself! Why not? We can be our own best cheerleader! Here is another rose practice with watercolor. I think I did good. (Wow, that was hard to say out loud😅)

I believe in me

Painted this on my flight from the east coast to west coast. Thankfully the middle seat was empty so I could spread out all my watercolor crayons and pencils:) these supplies are really awesome to travel with. Practicing another flower. A reference from a flower that my sister photographed. She is really good at that. Luckily this means lots of good references for me💃💃💃!

Why I paint…

 A Facebook friend commissioned me to paint a picture of her mother in her youth. I was nervous about it (imagine painting someone as important as a mother!) but she was so fun to work with. What made this whole thing even more special and meaningful for me is when she received the painting and wrote to tell me that it brought tears to her eyes. Reading that really moved me. And reminded me why I make art.. In the hope that it will bring joy to others…