My day of Oops..


Decided to work on my altered journal today. After painting the background, I added a face to it. Decided to fix her nose with my eraser and lo and behold, this big blob appeared and would not go away! the more I tried to erase, the bigger it became!

Thanks to many helpful suggestions on the Facebook art group pages, I was reminded of the handy dandy gesso… and true enough it was fixed after a few layers of white gesso.

BUT as I worked on the face more, I notice more and more “bubbles” appearing (because I had glued the pages together to make each page thicker) and it just got worse with each layer. Finally decided to listen to what the page is telling me and abandon my plan. I drew another face on the left side and proceeded to gesso over the face on the right side. I hate those bubbles!


I am finally happy with the end result… sometimes, some things can’t be forced… just need to go with the flow, even if it means abandoning it sometimes.




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