Creativity is messy & I am very creative…

I was in a funk today, struggled with a painting and decided to loosen up and play with some colors on my handmade journal. It all started with a few collages of random paper, then I added paint, stencils, marks, glitter… Ie The kitchen sink. It is soooo liberating to just play and not worry about the outcome. If I don’t like something, gesso over it:)!

Got my fingers all messy with paint and glue. I love it! When I do a page like this, I never have a vision of what I want the page to look like, I just let the process go and see where it leads me. That is what I love about mixed media. In fact, as I was working on this page, a friend posted a really yummy color palette on my Facebook post and it was exactly where I wanted to go.., and viola, this crazy colorful page.

This is the journal cover for my handmade art journal, which is now complete with yummy goodness inside.

Love this quote. Good excuse for my messiness!

This was how the page started….. 


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