I am so much more…

I just returned from an art retreat at Squam lake called Squam art workshop. This was started by an amazing lady Elizabeth Duvivier who wanted to create a magical place where there is abundance creativity, connection and self care. 

This is my fourth year attending it. To me, it is a magical place. Every year it has given me new awakenings and blessings. It is one of those rare places where i can truly be myself, follow my yes. Do what i want, not what i think i should. A place where I go to take care of myself, be with my tribe. 

The first year I attended, I was let go from my job. A day before I was to leave for the retreat. My world fell apart. Being the super achiever, sole bread winner, my world fell apart…. I was a failure… When I arrived at Squam, I was a mess. But the great thing was I knew no one and no one knew my background. While I spent moments of every day crying, grieving over my loss, something magical happened over the 4 days. I realized that I am not defined by my job title. In fact, no one cared about that. We connected in meaningful ways on other levels. I realize that I AM SO MUCH MORE. So much more than the company I am with, the size of my paycheck, my job title. It also awakened the inner artist in me, one that was always there but not daring to come out and play…. Looking back, I believe it was meant to be… For me to go through the tough period, to go to Squam and realize what I have in me.

I have been back to Squam every year since then. To me, it’s a little pilgrimage, a reminder that I am so much more. I am a warrior and when I put my mind to it, I can achieve my goals. 

Thank you Elizabeth. You have changed my life. 



2 thoughts on “I am so much more…

  1. jangieri says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing that part of your life. I too was ‘laid off’ from a job, didn’t see it coming…..I was depressed for weeks, for so many different reasons. But, the bottom line is, I saw it as something bad happening to me, but God had better things in mind, I just didn’t know it at that time. It turned out to be the best thing that could have possibly happened, the turn of events blessed me more than I could have ever dreamed. It was a good lesson in Trust for me.  Blessings,Joyce 

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